10th January 2018

Can you get fit on an e-bike?

Highgate Womens E-Bike

The Whyte Highgate e-bike 2018, a much harder workout than driving to the shops.

Can you achieve the same fitness levels on an e-bike that you can with an “acoustic” bike? Absolutely not. Can you get fitter than if you did no exercise at all? A thousand times yes.

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You still have to work

Owning an electric bike isn’t the same as owning a motorcycle, where you crank the throttle and zoom off into the distance. On any legal electric bike in the UK the motor is pedal-assist, meaning you still have to pedal. By keeping those legs moving, you’re burning calories, keeping your joints in good nick and giving those muscles some use (finally!)

e-Endeavour Kalkhoff e-bike

The Kalkhoff Endeavour Advance i10 2018 e-bike comes fully equipped with mudguards, pannier rack and dynamo-powered front and rear light.

You can turn the motor down, or even off

If you really want to work for those miles, all of the e-bikes we stock come with at least 3 power output settings: High, medium and low. Simply turning the pedal assistance down, or even off, means all of the power has to come from your legs. Trust us – you’ll be sweating in no time.

Even if you decide to go full throttle, the heavier weight of an e-bike means your core muscles have to work at every turn in order to keep you steering in the right direction. On an e-mountain bike, this effect is multiplied as you tear down mountain trails.

E-bikes encourage you to use them

E-bikes are so fun and hassle-free you’ll want to use them all the time, which makes them incredibly effective exercise machines.

Consider the hassle involved with driving or taking public transport, like petrol costs, traffic congestion, convoluted bus routes, and so on. Your daily commute is a piece of cake on an electric bike. Your weekly grocery shopping is no match for an e-bike with a couple of panniers. A child seat turns any e-bike into a straightforward people carrier. You don’t even have to worry about finding a parking spot.

As for leisure, consider all the lovely places you can visit within a 30-mile radius (the minimum distance you’ll get off a single charge)!

You can absolutely become fitter and more healthy by using an e-bike, and if you don’t believe us you’re invited to come into any of our stores and try one out – no strings attached.

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2 comments on “Can you get fit on an e-bike?

  1. Ronald Coulshed on

    Hi everyone, I bought an e-bike in October last year. I feel I can get fitter on an e-bike!
    Much depends on the character of the rider and how they use their bike!

    I certainly feel much more in control of my fitness program – I’m more likely to work much harder before hitting the assist button! LOL


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