22nd January 2021

Should I Buy an Electric Bike?

Last updated January 2021

Should I Buy an Electric Bike?Should I Buy an Electric Bike: the most important question you’ll ask yourself today

While we might want to sell an electric bike to everyone, we understand it’s not for everyone. Like all ‘new things’, there are some people who will never be persuaded… or certainly not at first. Remember Dick Rowe? He was the guy who turned down The Beatles.

Whatyou need to ask yourself is: should I buy an electric bike now? Perhaps by next Christmas they will be dead, finished, gone, kaput… but we doubt it. What we do know is the trend is growing upwards. Every year, electric bikes get more popular, more accessible and more accepted by bikes geeks and novices alike.

Should I buy an electric bike now?

Where do you want to be on that trend?  The ‘slow adopter’ who will eventually get one but ‘not yet’? Or the trend grower – the person who has seen them about, realises their benefits and rides the electric bike popularity wave, helping it grow momentum.

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Should I buy an electric car?

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Whether you’re fit or not, an electric bike could be for you. Remember, you still have to work to ride an electric bike – you can turn the power assist up and down as you want.  So, Can You Get Fit (or fitter) on an e-bike? Absolutely!

Highgate Womens E-Bike

Using an electric bike is still much harder a workout than driving to the shops

Plus, you’re more likely to get out on your electric bike than you are on an ‘acoustic’ bike. Aslak Fyhri at the Institute of Transport Economics summarised a research project stating:

People travel twice as much on the electric bike [as on a regular bike], both in terms of kilometres, amount of trips, and as part of the total transportation.

That means less time in the car, less trips to the petrol station, less emissions impacting our environment and more fresh air.

Ease of Use

Don’t have shower or changing facilities at your work or wherever you want to cycle to? An electric bike is the answer! Turn the power assist up a little and you won’t have to work up a sweat (unless you want to). Plus, you can wear your normal clothes – no need for lycra – particularly if you choose a step-through electric bike.

Step through electric bikes

Step through electric bikes – perfect for cycling in any clothing

You don’t need a licence to ride an electric bike.  As it’s essentially a regular bike (you still need to pedal), it’s just the motor just gives you a bit of a boost; there is far less red tape than other vehicles such as scooters or mopeds. Learn more facts about electric bikes.

And finally…

It’s fun! You can climb those steep hills without too much leg burn. You can travel those miles without drowning in sweat. It generally makes exercise more enjoyable.  Don’t believe us? Read Claire’s review which she titled I Borrowed an Electric Bike For a Week and My Face Hurts from all the Smiling… or if you don’t want to read, spend twelve minutes watching this:


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