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Welcome to the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative blog

15th November 2017

Win a pair of Sealskinz gloves and socks of your choosing (up to £89!)

No more cold hands and feet this winter – we’re giving away a pair of Sealskinz gloves and socks of your choosing up to the value of £89. Please don’t try and enter the competition in the comments below. The form is above this line, but may still be loading!

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9th November 2017

Why treat your child/teenager to a real mountain bike?

Rachel Atherton, the first British woman to win the Elite Downhill World Championship, began mountain biking when she was 11. If you enjoy mountain biking, think how much your young-un would love it too. As with any bicycle, but especially if it’s for your child, there are five things to look for in a mountain… Read more »

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26th October 2017
brompton electric bikebrompton electric bike

We have the only Brompton Electric in Scotland

We are extremely proud and chuffed to announce that Brompton have chosen our Canonmills store to be one of the first bike shops in Britain where you can view and try out the all-new Brompton Electric. ‘Our’ e-Brompton is so rare, it’s not actually for sale (yet). It’s one of small pre-production run, which Brompton… Read more »

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26th October 2017
AGM MeetingAGM Meeting

We’re closed Monday 30th October 2017 for our AGM

The AGM is a very important event in the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative’s calendar because it is the one day of the year when our people from every Bike Co-op branch, including those in Aberdeen, Leeds, and Newcastle can all get together in Edinburgh. Since we’re a workers’ cooperative, the AGM is also a time when… Read more »

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26th October 2017
hooded man red background scaryhooded man red background scary

Spooky Halloween Stories from Near Our Shops

  Once upon a midnight dreary, while I polished, weak and weary, The electric Brompton bicycle entrusted to me just the day before, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my bike shop door. “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my bike shop… Read more »

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24th October 2017
bicycle at nightbicycle at night

Are Bike Lights Necessary?

Photo by Cedric Brule on Unsplash Shop Bicycle Lights >> After dark, yes. A thousand times yes. In the UK, bike lights after dark are not only extremely sensible, they’re a legal requirement according to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations. Meanwhile, Rule 60 of the Highway Code states: “At night your cycle MUST have white… Read more »

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23rd October 2017
reserve a bike for christmasreserve a bike for christmas

£10 deposit to reserve any bike for Christmas

Whether you’re considering a fabulous Frog for your little one or a cheeky Cervélo for the big yin, £10 will reserve any bike we have in stock for Christmas.

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12th October 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Kids Bike

Welcome! If you want to make sure you buy the best kids bike without any tears or tantrums – yours, that is – pop in your details in the form below and download our free guide. Loading…

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5th October 2017
Raleigh Strada 1 2018Raleigh Strada 1 2018

Looking for a Revolution bike? Try a Raleigh instead.

The Raleigh Strada 1 2018, ideal for getting around town At Bike Co-op HQ, we’re accustomed to our buyer Michael enthusing about the latest high-end offerings from, say, Whyte or Cervélo. Michael is the first to admit that these high-end models are all very well if you have the cash to splash, but he also… Read more »

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3rd October 2017

Anatomy of a Mountain Biker

The mountain biker is a curious beast, for whom no downhill trail is too gnarly. Use our guide below so you can spot one in the wild. Know a mountain biker? Share using the buttons below. Shop Mountain Bikes

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3rd October 2017

The mindset of a roadie

The road cyclist, or “roadie” as he/she is affectionately known, is a particular breed of cyclist that loves lycra and is obsessed with all things carbon-composite. Take a peek inside their heads and you’ll notice some interesting ways of thinking… Know a roadie? Share with a friend using the buttons below. Shop Road Bicycles

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29th September 2017

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op voted Britain’s Best Bike Shop

We are overjoyed that our Edinburgh Bruntsfield store has been voted the Best Bike Shop in Britain by more than 21,000 people from all over the UK, who cast their vote in Cycling Weekly’s annual poll. The people’s favourite From the lovely Cycling Weekly article about the winning result: “You get the impression speaking to… Read more »

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21st September 2017
winter cycling frozen bellwinter cycling frozen bell

The Four Best Tyres for Winter Cycling

Photo courtesy of Hans Vivek on Unsplash   If you’re planning to prepare your bike for wetter and perhaps thorn-strewn autumn and winter roads and trails, we hugely recommend the latest generation of better gripping, more puncture resistant 4-season tyres – instead of specialist winter tyres. The great thing about 4-season tyres is that they… Read more »

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20th September 2017
Whyte Stirling 2018Whyte Stirling 2018

What is a flat bar road bike?

The Raleigh Strada 1, our current best buy flat bar road bike. A flat bar road bike is like a normal road bike (or “racer” as they’re sometimes called,) but instead of having drop handlebars (that curve down), it has flat handlebars. If you want to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of riding a fast,… Read more »

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14th September 2017
complaints about cyclists - bingo cardcomplaints about cyclists - bingo card

Complaints about cyclists – and ways to respond

Anyone who’s ever read an article about cycling will know that the comments section quickly descends into a cyclist-hating rampage, which is why we made the Cycling Bingo card above. Why not treat yourself to a game? How to respond (some suggestions) Cyclists don’t pay road tax. Road tax was abolished in 1937, and was… Read more »

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