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19th July 2018
Kalkhoff Durban 8 2017Kalkhoff Durban 8 2017

Ten Good Reasons To Consider a Kalkhoff Commuter Bike

People who come from Northern Europe to live in Britain have been known to comment, “You live in a country where rain is not unknown and it’s dark by 4:00pm in winter, yet you sell ‘city bikes’ that don’t come with mudguards or lights!” Sure we can offer the pat answer, “we have a huge… Read more »

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18th July 2018

The ultimate cyclist’s guide to the Edinburgh Festival

Parking a car anywhere during the Edinburgh Festival is physically impossible. You might as well try and land a jumbo jet on top of Arthur’s Seat. Which is why the Festival is the perfect time to get out and about on your bike.

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18th July 2018

Recall Notice: XLC ST-M 15 stems

We have become aware that stems of the model ST-M15 have been sold where stem caps for the handlebar clamping may not have been produced correctly. As a result, in specific cases, this may lead to cracks in the handlebar clamping. Please stop riding immediately with this component. Models Affected: XLC Comp Stem 31.8x110mm XLC… Read more »

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9th July 2018
Whyte Bikes Quad 2 SuspensionWhyte Bikes Quad 2 Suspension

Whyte Bikes

We see ourselves as a riders’ brand. When we give experienced cyclists a Whyte to try out, they almost always ‘get it’ immediately – Ian Alexander, Chief Designer, Whyte Bikes.

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1st July 2018
brompton electric bikebrompton electric bike

We have the only Brompton Electric in Scotland

We are extremely proud and chuffed to announce that Brompton have chosen our Canonmills store to be one of the first bike shops in Britain where you can view and try out the all-new Brompton Electric. If you’re interested in being one of the first people to actually own a Brompton Electric, you have an… Read more »

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28th June 2018

Lake District Cycling: A Diary (Part 2)

Ben Smith, a friend of the co-op who went cycling in the Lake District, has kept a diary for us to see what he got up to. This is his second instalment when he faced Helvellyn. Read Part One if you want to know how he got on with Skiddaw. If you think you’d like… Read more »

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26th June 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign: Electric Cargo Bikes to reduce food waste

Love Food: Hate Food Waste We all know that food waste is bad. It’s not good for the environment, consumers, producers or retailers.  That’s why we’re supporting this campaign by Food Sharing Edinburgh. It’s a simple concept – some might say it’s as easy as riding a bike! They want to purchase two electric cargo… Read more »

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22nd June 2018

Lake District Cycling: A Diary (Part 1)

When Ben Smith, friend of the co-op went cycling in the Lake District, he was kind enough to keep a diary for us to see how he got on. In this first instalment he’s tackling Skiddaw and for the second, Helvellyn. Before you read on, if you think you’d like to take on a Lake… Read more »

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11th June 2018

Cycling The Hebridean Way

The Hebridean Way: add it to your cycling bucket list Since it’s Bike Week this week we have been thinking about epic cycle routes that everyone should go on. And if you’re thinking of taking on a cycling adventure, the Hebridean Way has got to be considered! It could be a solo expedition, a romantic break or… Read more »

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6th June 2018
cyclist gives lorry driver thumbs upcyclist gives lorry driver thumbs up

Cyclist, 4, gives lorry driver thumbs up

We’d give this lorry driver thumbs up too! If you only watch one video this week, make it this one! It shows a young cyclist giving a lorry driver thumbs up for passing her safely: So often we see or share videos of awful driving around cyclists, so this textbook pass from an exceptionally patient… Read more »

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1st June 2018
free bike checkfree bike check

Bike Checks: Is your bike ready for that upcoming cycling event?

Free bike check See our Bike Servicing options >> One of the great things about bikes is that they can be very forgiving – even if you don’t look after them as well as the manual advises. Even if the tyres are soft and the chain hasn’t been lubed for months, the bike will almost… Read more »

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29th May 2018
Specialized StumpjumperSpecialized Stumpjumper

Specialized Stumpjumper: A Review

The Specialized Stumpjumper If you’re into mountain biking then you’ll know the Stumpjumper. First produced in 1981, the Specialized Stumpjumper has evolved over the years from this: The bike that changed everything. #stumpjumper⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #itsawholenewsport #iamspecialized #oldschool #mtb A post shared by Specialized MTB (@iamspecialized_mtb) on Apr 13, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT The… Read more »

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29th May 2018

Introducing Frog Bikes

Frog is a British bicycle company with a mission – to create the best kids’ bikes they can. The couple who created Frog bikes are parents of young cyclists themselves. Being cycling enthusiasts, they know that if a bike is to delight, a good place to start is to make sure it’s as light as possible and that it fits properly.

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29th May 2018

Pashley Bikes – The Joy of Taking It Easy

With better weather surely round the corner, we celebrate a style of cycling perfect for taking it easy.

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28th May 2018

Cycle Routes, Guides and Maps

Whether you are looking for new places to ride in your locale or you want to explore further afield, this compilation of route guides is a great starting point.

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