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Welcome to the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative blog

21st September 2017
winter cycling frozen bellwinter cycling frozen bell

The Four Best Tyres for Winter Cycling

Photo courtesy of Hans Vivek on Unsplash   If you’re planning to prepare your bike for wetter and perhaps thorn-strewn autumn and winter roads and trails, we hugely recommend the latest generation of better gripping, more puncture resistant 4-season tyres – instead of specialist winter tyres. The great thing about 4-season tyres is that they… Read more »

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20th September 2017
Whyte Stirling 2018Whyte Stirling 2018

What is a flat bar road bike?

A flat bar road bike is like a normal road bike (or “racer” as they’re sometimes called,) but instead of having drop handlebars (the ones that curve down), it has flat handlebars. If you want to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of riding a fast, lightweight bicycle but you don’t fancy drop bars, the flatbar… Read more »

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14th September 2017
complaints about cyclists - bingo cardcomplaints about cyclists - bingo card

Complaints about cyclists – and ways to respond

Anyone who’s ever read an article about cycling will know that the comments section quickly descends into a cyclist-hating rampage, which is why we made the Cycling Bingo card above. Why not treat yourself to a game? How to respond (some suggestions) Cyclists don’t pay road tax. Road tax was abolished in 1937, and was… Read more »

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1st September 2017

Revealing How We Do Chain Cleaning – and Lubing Too

Chain cleaning needn’t be challenging. Graham from our Edinburgh shop shows you how to perform this routine bike maintenance drill in 5 minutes on our latest video.

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25th August 2017
bike helmet sizing guidebike helmet sizing guide

Bike Helmet Sizing Guide

You’ll find out the size(s) of any bicycle helmet on this website by checking its product description page. For instance our best selling Specialized Align helmet comes in one size: 54-62cm. This measurement corresponds with the widest part of the head that the helmet will cover. To find out your helmet size, measure your head… Read more »

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18th August 2017

Get a Kryptonite lock for £20 instead of £40

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17th August 2017

Get a £700 Marin mountain bike for £450

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16th August 2017

Get a £59.99 Altura Pannier for £26.99

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15th August 2017
Bike tyre pressure PSI sidewallBike tyre pressure PSI sidewall

What bicycle tyre pressure is best?

The minimum and maximum tyre pressure range is embossed on your bike tyre sidewall. Your bicycle rides on a cushion of air, courtesy of its pneumatic tyres – as long as your tyres are properly inflated. The recommended maximum pressure is almost always embossed on the side of the tyre. Better still it might state… Read more »

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11th August 2017
Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative renaming day in the 1980s - retro photoEdinburgh Bicycle Cooperative renaming day in the 1980s - retro photo

We’re turning 40!

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10th August 2017

The ultimate cyclist’s guide to the Edinburgh Festival

Parking a car anywhere during the Edinburgh Festival is physically impossible. You might as well try and land a jumbo jet on top of Arthur’s Seat. Which is why the Festival is the perfect time to get out and about on your bike.

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9th August 2017

Best hardtails for under a grand: Whyte 800-series 2018 mountain bikes

The Whyte 801 2018 mountain bike, showing tree roots who’s boss. Whyte’s 801, 802 and 805 mountain bikes have always been about offering the key elements of Whyte’s multi award winning 900-series trail hardtails at more wallet-friendly prices. Read: Do I need a Hardtail or Full Suspension? > With every Whyte 800 model now being… Read more »

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2nd August 2017
Specialized Mountain BikesSpecialized Mountain Bikes

The Specialized Mountain Bike Revival | 2018 Rockhopper and Pitch

Shop Specialized mountain bikes > Back in 1984, Edinburgh Bike Co-op was one of the first UK bike shops where you could buy a Specialized mountain bike. For the next 30 years Specialized MTBs were our consistent best selling mountain bikes for one very good reason. They were almost always the best or among the… Read more »

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2nd August 2017
free bike checkfree bike check

Is your bike ready for that upcoming cycling event?

See our Bike Servicing options >> One of the great things about bikes is that they can be very forgiving – even if you don’t look after them as well as the manual advises. Even if the tyres are soft and the chain hasn’t been lubed for months, the bike will almost always get you… Read more »

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2nd August 2017
Whyte Glencoe 2018Whyte Glencoe 2018

The New Whyte Glencoe 2018: A Beautiful Bicycle

The Whyte Glencoe 2018 What a beautiful bicycle! Fast on tarmac, comfortable and capable on dirt, the Glencoe is Whyte’s brand new go-anywhere bike. One ride and you’ll understand why Whyte are trumpeting the Glencoe as ‘the best all round road bike we have ever made’. That’s some claim when you consider that another Whyte… Read more »

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