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25th May 2018

Specialized Kenevo – Troy Lee Designs

Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert 6Fattie Troy Lee Designs Edition What do you get when you combine the famous Specialized Turbo Kenevo with wild and innovative creativity of Troy Lee Designs? Well, if you haven’t guessed, the result is above. We reckon when Specialized gave the instruction to Troy to “make it look rad”, they didn’t expect it… Read more »

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22nd May 2018
Brompton Folding BicycleBrompton Folding Bicycle

Folding Bikes: Why You Should Buy One

Reason #1: Folding Bikes are super convenient As obvious as it sounds, they fold. Therefore they’re small. They’re designed to be stored in small places like under desks, in cupboards and taken on trains, buses and cars. Reason #2: Folding Bikes are stylish and cool They come in a variety of designs, colours and styles.… Read more »

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18th May 2018

Should I Buy an Electric Bike?

Should I Buy an Electric Bike: the most important question you’ll ask yourself today While we might want to sell an electric bike to everyone (our coop members would be very happy!), we understand it’s not for everyone. Like all ‘new things’, there are some people who will never be persuaded… or certainly not at… Read more »

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14th May 2018
Benefits of CyclingBenefits of Cycling

The Benefits of Cycling

The Benefits of Cycling There are many benefits of cycling.  It’s better for the environment. It’s great for physical fitness. Not to mention the financial big plus if your ride a bike rather than run a car. However, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re talking mental health benefits. While we’re not saying that… Read more »

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10th May 2018
Giant TCR Advanced 2 2018 | Road Bike of the Year 2018Giant TCR Advanced 2 2018 | Road Bike of the Year 2018

Giant TCR Advanced 2: BikeRadar’s Road Bike of the Year 2018

Giant TCR Advanced 2 – Road Bike of the Year If you’re looking for a road bike this year then you might want to consider BikeRadar’s Road Bike of the Year: Giant TCR Advanced 2! BikeRadar (along with Cycling Plus and Mountain Biking UK) tested more than 75 bikes in beautiful San Remo Italy (lucky them!). … Read more »

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7th May 2018
Prevent Bike TheftPrevent Bike Theft

How to Prevent Bike Theft

Bike Theft – Lock Thieves Out Investing in a new bike is great. You can get out and about and enjoy smooth, easy riding. But it’s not all good news. It makes you a prime target for bike theft as there are plenty of thieves around who will notice people with new bikes or bikes… Read more »

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24th April 2018
Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc '16Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc '16

Types of Bikes: The Ultimate Bike Buying Guide

New to cycling and don’t know what kind of bike to buy? Don’t fear. Here you’ll find the main kinds of bikes that people tend to speak about, demystified.

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24th April 2018

Electric Bikes: everything you need to know

What actually is an electric bike? An electric bike which can be known as an ebike, e-bike or motorized bicycle, is essentially a regular (or acoustic) bike: it’s still got the look of a regular bike (breaks, chain, handle bars etc)… and you still need to pedal (but maybe not as hard as you would… Read more »

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5th April 2018
what kind of road bike should i getwhat kind of road bike should i get

What style of road bike is best for me? Classic, Endurance or Aero

Road bikes have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes over the past 100-plus years so finding the best road bike for you might seem overwhelming. Here’s one Cannondale did already, on the right. Today, the design has pretty much settled down, so at least 90% of today’s road bikes come in one of… Read more »

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4th March 2018
kids with frog bikeskids with frog bikes

What to look for when buying a kids bike

It can be a daunting prospect, but once you’ve got the knack you’ll be able to choose kids’ bikes like a pro. Download our comprehensive guide or get some pointers below: Weight: Make sure the bike you’re looking at is light in weight. Adults don’t tend to appreciate how heavy, and therefore un-enjoyable, cheap bicycles… Read more »

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19th February 2018
Bike rear cassetteBike rear cassette

Cycling at 50: My essential tools and accessories

Cycling at 50 is a series of guest blogs written by Alan, a cycling fan who got back into riding his bike at the age of 50. So after leaving nuggets of fashion wisdom liberally sprinkled over the interweb we move from the clothes on your back (and front!) to other stuff. Stuff not to… Read more »

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6th February 2018
Kalkhoff e-bike integraleKalkhoff e-bike integrale

A week in the life of an e-bike owner

Written by Co-op member and proud e-bike owner, Simon (not pictured above – that is a handsome model) I’ve owned an electric bike for the past two years while I’ve been working at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op HQ in the rural outskirts of Edinburgh, and I love it. When I first started here I did cycle… Read more »

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6th February 2018
cycling at the kelpiescycling at the kelpies

Cycling at 50: What I wear

Alan is a keen cyclist and guest blogger writing a series for us called ‘Cycling at 50’. You can see previous blogs in this series here. I’m sure you’ve all heard of MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra), a sometimes derogatory term for a probably overweight middle aged man who’s trying to do something about… Read more »

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1st February 2018
Falkirk WheelFalkirk Wheel

Cycling at 50: How I made cycling a habit

As a follow on to the ‘Getting back into cycling at 50′ article this one is going to talk about how I think/hope I’ve managed to make cycling ‘stick.’ So cycling was back on the radar and I’m now at the stage where if I don’t get out a couple of times a week I… Read more »

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26th January 2018

Win Free Whyte MTB 2-Day Hire Worth £100

If you can’t see the entry form above, it’s still loading 🙂  

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