16th January 2019

Best Electric Bikes: Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff | best electric bikes

Kalkhoff: The best electric bikes around

If you’re looking for the best electric bike in 2019, take your pick from these Kalkhoff e-bikes. But why are we such big fans? Here are three reasons:

Current Kalkhoff Electric Bikes


Best quality:

German engineering at it’s finest! Kalkhoff bikes are designed and assembled with precision in a high tech facility in Germany. They use some of the best components and latest technology available, which is all rigorously tested during and after manufacturing. Due to this maintenance tends to be very straightforward and customer satisfaction is high. Their bikes have even won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design. Buy a cheap electric bike and you’ll not have to search hard to find someone who complains of broken components, power drop-outs, handling issues and many a more thing that can go wrong with an electric bike.

Choice of style:

There are electric hybrid bikes (also know as city or commuting e-bikes) for every style of riding. Kalkhoff offer a range of styles for all the bikes we mention below. The standard model uses a frame geometry you’re probably most used to seeing. A women’s model usually has a shorter reach (bringing the handlebar closer) and a lower standover height so make it a bit easier to mount/dismount. A step-through model has a completely dropped top tube to make it much easier to mount and dismount: ideal if you want convenience, tend to write in non-cycling clothes (such as business wear) or have an injury.

Ready to ride:

When you buy a Kalkhoff, you’re ready to ride from day one. All their bikes come with pannier racks, kickstand, full length mudguards and battery free dynamo-hub lighting. The cost of a Kalkhoff might be a little more than other brands on the market but add in all those components which are usually extra and you’ll probably find you’re getting a lot more bike for your money. And never mind the convenience of not having buy and fit them.

Read 10 reasons to buy a Kalkhoff for even more reasons we think they make for some of the best electric bikes available.

Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.I Move Electric Bike: £1,899 – £2,059

Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.I Move 2019 Electric Bike | best electric bikes

Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.I Move 2019 Electric Bike

The epitome of a modern e-bike, the Endeavour 1.I Move has everything you would expect: suspension forks for smooth riding on rough terrain, hydraulic disc brakes for effective and responsive braking in all weathers and a Shimano Atlus 1×8 speed drivetrain for reliable gear shifting. There are two battery options depending on your needs and budget.  

11Ah models (£1,899):

Shop 11Ah standard model >

17Ah models (£2,059):

Shop 17Ah standard model >


Kalkhoff Sahel 3.I Move Electric Bike: £2,099 – £2,299

Due late February but order now to be one of the first to get one!

Kalkhoff Sahel 3.I Move Electric | best electric bikes

Kalkhoff Sahel 3.I Move Electric Bike

Getting an e-bike for more than one person to use? This one is very easily adjustable so is perfect for sharing. It’s also great for storing inside or in small spaces. Plus, the walk mode is helpful if you need to push it down a hallway or up a ramp. There are two battery sizes to choose from depending on your needs and budget. The 17Ah having a larger capacity which gives longer ride times between charges but costs a bit more.

Shop 11Ah model >

Shop 17Ah model >


Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.S Belt Electric Bike: £3,399

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.S Belt 2019 Electric Bike | best electric bikes

Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.S Belt 2019 Electric Bike

With the enclosed 540Wh battery inside the frame downtube, it hardly even looks like an electric bike! As the motor is low down at the bottom bracket, the bike has a lower centre of gravity than many others making it more stable and better balanced. There are multiple sizes to choose from and three colour choices too.

Shop all Kalkhoff Electrical Bikes >


Kalkhoff Image 5.S Move Electric Bike: £2,699 

Kalkhoff Image 5.S Move 2019 Electric Bike | best electric bikes

Kalkhoff Image 5.S Move 2019 Electric Bike

The Shimano Steps drive system is arguably the smoothest drive system found on any electric bike! It also makes this bike ideal for riding for different distances and on both smooth or rough terrain. And if you are climbing, the fork travel can be locked out for more efficiency. Travelling longer distances is also possible as this bike comes with an integrated 540Wh battery.

Shop standard model >

Shop step-through model >


If you’re a Kalkhoff owner, let us know how you get on with your Kalkhoff in the comments below or share photos with us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Kalkhoff | Electric Bikes | Best Electric Bikes

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  1. Paul coman on

    I have a non electric Kalkhoff Durban 7 bike – have used every day for 1 year now and is faultless – a joy to ride, very well made.


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