7th January 2016

Finding Nemo: The quest for the perfect waterproof cycling glove

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Written by Gary, Senior Graphic Designer at Edinburgh Bike Co-op

If you’re looking for a story about a little orange fish looking for his son then you probably want to stop reading now. On the other hand (pun most definitely intended) if you want to hear about what could be, in my opinion, the best pair of gloves available then read on.

I’ve been caught out on a number of occasions with freezing cold wet hands and frankly, it’s miserable. For years now I’ve been searching for the holy grail of gloves; Something that’s warm, waterproof, not too bulky and looks the part, but for various reasons I’ve never quite managed to find the right pair.

Big, wet and cold

gary finding nemo

Gary likes his gloves so much he never takes them off.

Many of my previous gloves have never quite lived up to expectation. The main issues I’ve found with waterproof/breathable gloves is firstly, I have yet to find a pair that breathes quicker than I do and secondly, after 2 or more hours of constant rain they don’t seem to be very waterproof, leaving my hands either cold or wet and all too often both.

If I went for warmth without waterproof then usually after the first big downpour they’ve ended up twice the size, waterlogged, and useless. I’ve also never liked the big bulky winter ski-type gloves and I’ve lost too many a liner glove to mention.


The perfect waterproof cycling glove

One of the advantages of now working in the same room as our buying team is that I have instant access to expert advice, and after hearing them raving to each other about how good the Endura FS260-Pro Nemo gloves were, I thought I’d give them a try.

After purchasing a pair I’m pleased to report that I absolutely love these gloves. The first thing to mention is these gloves are neoprene so they fit snugly to your hands – no flapping about here. You don’t slip these bad boys off, you peel them off.


Are they warm? Absolutely. They have been proper toasty. You know that feeling when you buy something, put it on for the first time, and think “Yes!” – that’s the feeling I had with these gloves. I knew straight away these were the gloves I’d been looking for. In fact, with the milder weather we had until recently, they’ve been almost too warm.

Are they waterproof? Now this might seem odd, but I’m not really sure. What I do know is it doesn’t seem to matter. If I was asked whilst out riding I would say they were waterproof, because my hands always feel warm and dry. However, when I get home and turn them inside out and they’re damp, I would have to say no. Even when it’s been chucking it down and they appear to have got wet, they still magically keep my hands warm. (There is some science at play here involving warming up thin layers of water, bla bla). It’s no wonder divers wear this stuff.

Are they bulky? Not really. As to be expected, they are thicker than a summer glove but because of the fit they don’t feel cumbersome at all, and I have had no bother with manual dexterity – result!

You don’t slip these bad boys off, you peel them off

Do they look the part? Yes. Being plain black in colour (always a favourite) they pretty much go with whatever I’m wearing – it’s important you know. I tend to like my clothing as simple and functional as possible, and I therefore love the clean design – no velcro straps, toggles or other distractions.

Prior to my purchase of said gloves, I was advised that being neoprene they can be prone to stinking a little if not washed regularly. As yet I’ve not experienced this, but in my mind it’s a small price to pay for such an outstanding pair of gloves.

Will I be purchasing any other gloves this winter? Only If I somehow manage to destroy these ones.

To get your hands (in) a pair of the Endura Nemo gloves, visit our shop.

2 comments on “Finding Nemo: The quest for the perfect waterproof cycling glove

  1. Drew on

    They are indeed excellent gloves; I bought them on the basis of this blog. Only downside is they get a bit smelly after consistent daily wear, probably cos they ain’t very breathable. A low temperature machine wash sans fabric conditioner sorted the whiff out!


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