30th June 2017

United We Ride | What it’s all about


We’re not elitist here at the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative. We believe cycling is for everyone, whether you’re into commuting, mountain biking, road cycling, touring or just pottering about. While our shop staff and mechanics are true diehards, some of us only cycle on the odd weekend or purely for commuting – just like many of you.

Our new TV campaign ‘United We Ride’ features all our own Co-op members (except Flo, she’s only 6 years old) and the poem that you can hear in the voiceover reflects some of what we get out of cycling; freedom, adventure, personal fulfillment and a sense of camaraderie. We hope you, as a fellow cyclist, identify with some of those things too.

United We Ride

Water, chains, helmet, shorts.
Daily grind, lift from my thoughts.

Sun, rain, dusk and dawn.
The bike and I, adventures to own.

No longer one, for we are more.
Through streets and hills, past lakes and shore.

Speed, sweat, oil and pride.
Forever and a day, United We Ride.

We don’t have any of the advertising money that big retailers have – we’re a cooperative, not corporate – but we make up for it with serious passion and real expertise for all things cycling, as well as with sheer grit and determination. We all muck in when the Co-op and our customers need us.

Most importantly, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of cycling, whether it’s through bike maintenance classes, mechanical support at events, advice on bike routes, or offering great bikes and kit. But it’s you who make our jobs worth doing, and together we’re all part of the wonderful tribe that is the cycling community.

We’ll see you out there!

Love from the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

United We Ride

Meet the Co-op


Craig, custom helmet designer for the pros

Eileen, an actual pro cyclist (really)

Ricardo, former Mondraker head mechanic

Simon, unapologetic electric bike enthusiast

Ged, the longest-serving Co-op member (since 1977!)

Gary, still terrible at wheelies

Alexis, e-bike touring business owner

And many more to follow in the coming weeks…


We’re giving away 5 limited edition “Born to Cycle (Forced to Work)” t-shirts this month! Find out how you can get your hands on one.

About the Co-op

We’ve been a worker’s cooperative since we opened in Edinburgh in 1977 under the name “Recycles,” and we’ve grown from a small handful of friends to over 100 Co-op members in bike shops in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Leeds. We all own a part of the business and get a say on the direction of the business. Read more about the Co-op

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3 comments on “United We Ride | What it’s all about

  1. Bruce, the pottering cyclist on

    Excellent poem reflecting our thoughts experiences and personal thoughts of cycling.

    Brilliant !!

  2. Andrew Foxcroft on

    Was it a conscious decision to have everyone wearing shorts and a helmet?

    You had a chance to reinforce the belief that cycling is a ‘normal’ thing to do in ‘normal’ clothes.

    At least the lack of colour spares us entering the hi-viz debate.

    • Web Master on

      Hi Andrew, we’re not sure why shorts would be considered “not normal” – it was a hot day. Everyone in the advert is wearing clothing that we currently offer, including helmets. We remain ‘pro-choice’ when it comes to helmets and hi viz as many cyclists prefer to wear them, and others don’t.


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