28th January 2020

Endura Sustainability: One Million Trees

One Million Trees

From 2020 onwards, Endura commit to planting one million trees annually to help reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere.

As a business who operate globally, Endura are taking a number of steps to reduce their carbon footprint, one of which is to plant one million trees annually. They will be planting trees in a number of different projects, the first one of which is to restore mangroves in the Maputo Bay region of Mozambique. Decimated by human activity, they will work with local communities to restore, replant and protect these vital forest systems, providing important habitats for threatened species of birds and mammals as well as providing local employment. Along with international projects as this one, they will also be planting native species in Scotland too.

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PFC Free

Endura Sustainability | One Million Trees

Waterproofing without PFCs

Products made by Endura have been PFC Free since autumn 2018! This goes beyond most countries legal environmental requirements.

PFCs (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) are man-made chemicals which are commonly used in waterproof membranes. Their long life means they can build up and are harmful to both flora and fauna.


Endura Sustainability | One Million TreesDid you know the packaging Endura use is 98% recyclable? No more laminate and gloss finished packaging! If you can’t recycle the packaging at home, remember we will also recycle paper, cardboard, plastics as well as electrical equipment and inner tubes. Learn more >


Our Endura Range

Endura Sustainability | One Million TreesOur Part to Play

As we mentioned above, we recycle as much as we can. We even send any old inner tubes to Cycle of Good where local Malawians are trained so they can create beautiful products from them (which we also sell).

We also fully support other brands who are committed to the reducing their environmental impact. For example, we have Muc-Off refill stations in nearly every one of our shops meaning customers can refill their plastic bike cleaner bottle (and save money too).

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