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Zefal Toe-Clips & Strap Set

Zefal Toe-Clips & Strap Set

  • Zefal Toe-Clips & Strap Set
  • Durable nylon toeclips and straps
  • Works with almost any footwear

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Product Description

Zefal Toe-Clips & Strap Set

Toe clips and straps are the time-honoured low-cost means of keeping you feet in place in the interest of pedalling efficiency and safety.

The French company Zéfal have been manufacturing sound-quality nylon toeclips and nylon straps since the 1980s. Zéfal toeclips and straps are very hard wearing (generally, more so than traditional metal clips and leather straps) and will accommodate virtually any footwear, be it cycling shoes, dress shoes, sneakers or hiking boots.

  • Toeclips help you ride more efficiently because they help keep your feet in the recommended position with the ball of the feet over the pedal spindle.
  • Toeclips can be safer because they help prevent your feet slipping off the pedal.
  • You quickly learn the trick of spinning the pedal with your toe to insert the foot into the clip when you set off.
  • Toeclips accommodate the toestraps (supplied) that keep your feet more firmly in place.
  • If you're not used to toeclips, best start off with the straps loose for quick bail out.
  • These size large toeclips fit any size of feet, 42 and over.