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Shimano CN-9000 11-Speed Connecting Pin

Shimano CN-9000 11-Speed Connecting Pin

  • Shimano CN-9000 11-Speed Connecting Pin
  • Worth carrying as a spare.
  • Shimano 11-speed chain pin 3-pack.

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Product Description


Shimano CN-9000 11-Speed Connecting Pin

One of these Shimano chain pins, with its breakaway pilot pin, is the easy way (and the only method Shimano recommend) to join a Shimano 11-speed chain.

  • New Shimano chains come supplied ready to join.
  • You'll only require a new pin should you ever have to re-join a Shimano chain.
  • You will also need a chain tool to install the pin.
  • Only suitable for Shimano 11-speed chains (not for 7, 8, 9 or 10-speed chains).
  • This pack contains three pins.

Hyperglide chain pins were Shimano's solution to the once fairly common problem of traditional bicycle chains breaking if not installed correctly. A Hyperglide pin makes it easier to join a new chain properly without risk of bending the side plate. This innovation means you can fit a Shimano chain and forget about it for the full length of its useful life. However, you should never say never and there is no harm in carrying a spare pin, especially on longer rides. That way, if a freak incident occurs and one of your party's Shimano chains does break, you'll have the means to offer a quick fix.


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