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Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT Tyre-700C

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Product Details

Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT Tyre 700x23

The slick tread, 165g, 700x23 P-Zero Velo TT is Pirelli's out-and-out speed tyre, made for road bike racing.

To put it in a nutshell, this tyre will make you faster.

The launch of the P-Zero Velo range marks the welcome return of Pirelli to their roots as a bicycle tyre manufacturer. (Most of the bikes on the first Giro d'Italia in 1909 were Pirelli shod.)

Rather than attempting to create a whole range to cover every type of bike, Pirelli have specialised in the one type of tyre that epitomises their racing heritage - road bike tyres.

The fruit of over two years research and development and 100,000 kilometers of real world testing, Pirelli have created a 700c road bike tyre, which has already been highly acclaimed by the cycling press - see bike radar review.

It's called the P-Zero Velo.

Smartnet Silica
Silica has been a key compound employed by the best tyre brands such as Continental, Schwalbe and Specialized over the past few years. Pirelli have taken this technology to the next level with their Smartnet Silica compound, where the Silica molecules are directional positioned throughout the whole tread of the tyre to reduce heat and rolling resistance and improve wet weather grip.

Pirelli P-Zero Velo tyres therefore go a long way towards achieving what were once considered conflicting goals in tyre manufacture - they maximise speed without compromising grip - and vice versa.

Add all that Pirelli have learned from their dominance in motorsport tyre design such as 'Ideal Contour Shaping' and you get a tyre that comfortably matches the competition.

Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT Tyre 700x23 key features

  • The fastest of the range
  • 23mm profile to minimize aerodynamic drag
  • Superior handling for extreme cornering
  • Best in category wet handling
  • Extremely light - just 165g!
  • Supple 127 tpi casing
  • Folding bead
  • Red label
  • Designed in Milan, manufactured by 'a famous tyre company in France'
  • Manufacturer's published weight: 165g

Here's how Pirelli describe this tyre
Designed for breathtaking speed, while reducing both rolling resistance and aero drag, this is the fastest and most performing tyre in the P ZERO VELO family. With Pirelli's patented SmartNET Silica® compound providing outstanding grip you can push this tyre in race conditions like no other race tyre.'