Kids Bike Sizing for Frog Bikes

While most other kids’ bike companies measure their bikes in terms of wheel size, Frog Bikes categorise their bikes according to the child’s inside leg measurement. A Frog 52, for example, is suitable for a child with a minimum inside leg measurement of 52cm.

Frog Bike Sizes

Frog Bike Name Minimum inside leg Approx age Wheel size
Tadpole 32cm (12″) 2-3 12″
Tadpole Plus 38cm (15″) 3-4 14″
Frog 40 40cm (16″) 3-4 14″
Frog 48 48cm (19″) 4-5 16″
Frog 52 52cm (20″) 5-6 20″
Frog 55 55cm (22″) 6-7 20″
Frog 62 62cm (24″) 8-10 24″
Frog 69 69cm (27″) 10-12 26″
Frog 73 73cm (29″) 12-14 26″
Frog Road 58 58cm (23″) 6-7 20″
Frog Road 67 67cm (26″) 8-12 24″
Frog Road 70 70cm (27″) 11-14 26″


How to measure a child for a Frog Bike

Frog recommends following these steps:

  • Stand your child with their back to the wall, wearing socks
  • Place a book between their legs, as high as comfortable
  • Get them to move away from the wall, and measure from the top edge of the book to the floor.

To get a certain size of Frog bike, your child should have a MINIMUM of the corresponding leg measurement. So if they have a leg measurement of 48cm or 51cm for example, a Frog 48 will be appropriate for them.

If their measurement is 46cm, a Frog 48 will be too big. They should opt for a Frog 43 (the next size down), which demands a minimum inside leg measurement of 43cm.

This is because a child with a leg measurement of 46cm will be able to ride a Frog 43 (43 cm) with the saddle higher up.


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