15th September 2016

Why we’ve chosen Lezyne’s high powered bike lights



A self portrait by Accessories Buyer James, 34.

We’re sometimes asked, why do you stock, say, this make of lights over another?

This was our cue to ask our accessories buyer, James, why he brought in Lezyne’s complete range of high-power 2017 headlights.

The points James’s made to explain his admiration for Lezyne headlights offers an insight of the serious thought that goes into putting together every range we offer at the bike co-op.

  • Lezyne high power headlights offer what James considers to be the best combination of light output, matched with build quality, matched with value for money.
  • Tellingly, James has only brought in a smattering of Lezyne’s rear lights because he feels that Moon lights have the edge when it comes to offering the best be-seen lights for your buck. (By the same principle, we don’t stock Moon headlights because we sincerely believe they don’t match Lezyne’s offer.)
  • This range of five headlamps is very coherent and easy to understand, starting with the Lezyne Hecto Drive 350 XL, which offers a range of settings from 18 hours run time per charge on lowest beam mode for urban use to 350 lumen Blast mode for unlit roads and paths.
  • Next, there’s the 450 lumen Micro Drive, which is a measured hundred lumens brighter.
  • Then the range gets progressively brighter with an 800, an 1,100 and a 1,250 lumen model – each of them not only perfect for out-of-town winter commuting, but also for full-on mountain bike night riding. Again Lezyne helpfully produce a video to describe each light. You can check them out here: 800, 1,100 and 1,250
  • When you consider that headlights this powerful could set you back around £300 just 5-10 years ago (and relied on heavy external battery packs) you can understand why we are stoked to be able to offer better lights at far more affordable prices.
  • As is the way with today’s better bike lights, every Lezyne LED headlamp is USB rechargeable and it comes with a laddered rubber strap for fast fitting to any shape of handlebar, making it straightforward to switch between bikes.
  • With every Lezyne lamp in the range built with a lightweight but super-sturdy CNC-machined aluminium body this company really do live up to its rhyming slogan: Lezyne: engineered design. Or as one wag put it: if Campag made lights, they would look like Lezyne’s (but would probably cost a lot more).

Our final Lezyne video

Lezyne don’t outsource. They manufacture every light in-house in their own facility. It’s the only way they can guarantee that when a light is described as, say, 800 lumens, that’s its output.

See our newest Lezyne headlights.

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