27th April 2017

Why Giant Road Bikes are the best buy for the money


We’ve long maintained that if you want the best engineered and best spec’d bike for your money, you should do yourself a favour and consider a Giant.

We were delighted to note that the Observer took a similar view when they named the Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 their Bike of the Week this Easter Sunday.

Their verdict:

‘What will really impress you are the system-built wheels shod with tubeless tyres. The first time you put pressure on the pedals, you feel such a surge from the back wheel you wonder if the bike has been pre-mechanically doped.’

See the full Observer review here, plus a more detailed 4.5/5 review in Cyclist magazine.

giant defy advanced pro 1 2017

Hot Wheels

The Observer review bears out the consensus that system-built wheels are the best upgrade you can make on near-any road bike. More on wheel systems.

The big road bike story of 2017 is that EVERY Giant Advanced Pro model now comes equipped with around £1,000-worth of system built wheels.

This means that if you opt for any Giant Advanced Pro model it will almost certainly come with the best wheels for the money, whether you go for a TCR classic road bike, a Propel aero road bike or a Defy endurance road bike. (See our blog on these three different styles of road bike.)

To make the most of these wheels, every 2017 Giant Advanced Pro model comes shod with tubeless tyres to help guarantee a more puncture-resistant, smoother-rolling ride. More on tubeless.

Why Giant are great – a primer

Being the world’s largest bike company gives Giant fantastic economies of scale, which nobody else can match.

Perhaps even more important, Giant are the only company that builds every bike frame every step of the way from its raw ingredients – the aluminium ore or the carbon filament – to its final lacquer. Such control over every process is your ultimate guarantee of consistent quality control, and a bike that feels and rides just right.

Combine these two elements and you can understand why there’s a very good chance that a Giant bike will match or better any similarly priced alternative.

More Giant Advanced Road Bikes

Trust us, we live in the real world. We totally understand that a £2K-plus Advanced Pro bike might be way beyond your budget. So do Giant – hence their more modestly priced Advanced line of carbon road bikes (without the Pro suffix).

What’s great about a Giant Advanced Bike?

  • You still get an Advanced Composite (AKA carbon) frame
  • Truly advanced, this lightweight (around 900g) frame is manufactured in-house by Giant – a company with over 20 years experience fabricating some of the world’s best carbon frames
  • Engineered-in technologies such as the PowerCore oversized bottom bracket help ensure every pedal stroke is more efficiently translated into forward motion.
  • The tapered Overdrive fork steerer helps guarantee judder-free control
  • Like the Advanced Pros, Giant Advanced road bikes are available in three styles: Defy endurance, TCR road and Propel aero road
  • The Defy Advanced and TCR Advanced model’s Variant carbon seatpost and skinny seat stays are tuned for rider comfort
  • The Propel Advanced’s Aero System frame tubing and shielded aero brakes deliver tangible speed benefits

Watch the video: from raw carbon threads to finished machine for an insight into the steps Giant take to create their world-class carbon bicycle frames.

Two-Day Test Rides – Book

If you’re thinking of getting a better road bike, you owe it to yourself to try out a Giant Advanced Pro. To make this easy for you we’ve populated our 2017 demo bike fleet with Giant Advanced Pros in all three styles: Defy, TCR and Propel. Find out more about arranging a two-day ride on one of our demo bikes.

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