15th February 2019

Evoc Bike Backpacks

When you’re out on your bike, the last thing you want to have to think about is the functionality of your kit. That’s where the idea for EVOC came from. At first, just designing bags for their own needs (think reliable and high quality with sensible (not gimmicky) features), the founders soon started EVOC after friends and family were desperate for their gear. Now selling all over the world, EVOC still stand by these standards: highest possible quality, ingenious details and sophisticated functions.

In their own words, “We want to keep it simple, functional, reliable and unique, but we also offer something that goes deeper – a passion for what we do.”

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpack

Bike Backpacks

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpackWe now stock a wide range of EVOC bike backpacks suitable for a variety of riding (and using while off the bike too). Designed to be practical and comfortable, all the backpacks are fully adjustable. No more sore shoulders or back as with many bike backpacks! Other technical features differ from range to range but also include back ventilation and tool compartments.

Bike Backpacks for Women

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpackIs this a marketing gimmick where they’ve gone down the line of “pink it and shrink it” (which is too often seen in our opinion!)? No, definitely not. The backpacks designed for women are same as the unisex models in terms of features and technical design. The difference is in the shape of the shoulder straps and hip belt. These are designed to fit the female anatomy. Of course, if you pop in store and try an EVOC backpack for yourself, you can buy either design, whether you’re female or not.

Bike Backpacks for e-bikes

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpackEspecially designed to meet the needs of the e-mountain biker, EVOC has designed a bag with a padded battery compartment with ultra-safe fixation system.

Bike Backpacks of all sizes

If you want something very small, EVOC do 3L Hip Pack that sits around the waist (aka a bum bag for any 90s kids!). However, the range of backpacks start at 10L going up to 20L, depending on your needs.

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpack

Bike Bags for Travel

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpack

If you want to travel with your bike, EVOC has also created one of the most highly regarded travel bags around. Designed to protect your bike and allow you to take it comfortably and easily wherever your next adventures is. This bag will also available to hire from any of our shops from March.

Other EVOC accessories

Although most famous for their backpacks, EVOC also make a number of other products including a waterproof first aid kit, hydration bladders and bottle.

EVOC | bike backpack | EVOC backpack | Mountain Bike backpack

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