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Bike to work scheme | Cycle to work scheme

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The Cycle to Work Scheme, or ‘Bike to Work Scheme’, is a fantastic opportunity to get a new bicycle and/or cycling equipment tax free. Not only does this save you up to 42% off the price of a bike; you get to spread the cost over an agreed term – typically 12 months – rather than having to pay for the bike in full when you order it. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

Cycle to Work Scheme through Edinburgh Bicycle Coop

Our own cycle to work scheme is called Bike to Work. With our scheme, you get eligibility for special offers as well as a fast turnaround.

You may have read of recent change to the Cycle to Work scheme guidance. The Department of Transport have announced that, in certain circumstances, employees may be able to hire packages over the traditional £1000 limit. This, of course, opens up a host of more options for cyclists! While the essence of scheme does not change some of the structures do. We are in the process of reviewing our critical paper work (contracts, etc.) to make them ‘compliant’. Hopefully this exercise will not take too long. In the meantime our process (and paperwork) for the sub £1000 agreements does not change.

Please note: Cycle to Work vouchers cannot be processed online. Please contact your employer for a voucher, or / 0345 257 0808 to talk through your options.

If you require your Cycle to Work bike to be delivered to your home (rather than collect in store), there will be a £30 delivery charge.


> Cycle to Work for Employees

> Cycle to Work for Employers

> How much can I save? Cycle to Work Scheme Calculator

Other cycle to work schemes

Aside from our own Bike to Work scheme, we also accept vouchers from the following Cycle to Work providers:

Although every one of these cycle to work schemes work on the same tax-saving principle, different providers and employers set different conditions for their schemes. For instance, some set a £1,000 transaction limit, some don’t. The Green Commute Initiative operates a slightly different approach to others and does not have a £1,000 limit. The limit to hire is only set by the employees salary & the national minimum wage. 

If you’re unsure which provider your employer uses, or the conditions they apply, please give us a call and we’ll quickly walk you through the process and talk you through the best options available to you.

Phone: 0131 331 5010 or 0345 257 0808

Or email:

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