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Brompton S2L '15

Brompton S2L '15

  • Brompton S2L folding bike
  • Nippy flat bar Brompton
  • Brompton 2-speed

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Product Description

Brompton S2L

The Brompton S2L is the nippy flat-bar two-speed version of Britain's most famous folding bike.

Brompton bicycles are rightly famed for their exceptionally fast, easy fold, and their trolley bag-like manoeuvrability when folded.

Another Brompton idiosyncrasy is that they are the only bike company that primarily classifies its models by the type of handlebar fitted. Given that nothing determines the feel of a bicycle more than its bar height, this makes sense.


'S' stand for S-Type Brompton. This means that it comes with flat (as in zero rise) bars. These flat (AKA straight) bars position the handlebar grips 935mm above ground level (cf the M-type Brompton whose U-shaped bars take the grips up to 1,015mm high).

'2' refers to Brompton's unique 2-speed derailleur gear system: a 56 inch low gear for climbing hills and starting off and a 74.7 inch higher gear for cruising.

'L' is Brompton code for coming ready fitted with mudguards.

More good things about the Brompton S2L

  • The high tensile frame and fork are lightweight and proven reliable.
  • Brompton only make their main frames in steel because they believe in its lightweight reliable qualities.
  • Crucially, steel tubes can be narrower diameter than aluminium.
  • Steel tubing therefore contributes to making a Brompton a neater bike when folded.
  • Fold-friendly components.
  • Dual pivot brakes protrude less than, say, V-brakes so that's what Brompton spec.
  • The 2-speed derailleur gear system barely protrudes.
  • Nippy, puncture-resistant 16 x 1 3/8" tyres contribute to the Brompton's neat fold.
  • It comes supplied with mudguards fitted to protect you and the bike from rain spray.
  • One Size: 58cm high x 54cm long x 27cm folded.
  • Most important of all, every Brompton stands out for the ingenuity of the fold, best illustrated by Brompton's own video.

New for 2015

Every 2015 Brompton comes with a new, simple Saddle Height Insert which automatically resets the seatpin at the correct height whenever you unfold the bike to ride it.


We are proud to offer these unique British-manufactured bicycles at the Bike Co-op because...

  • The only bicycles they produce are 16”-wheeled folders. This makes Brompton probably the most specialist bicycle company in the world.
  • Every Brompton is hand built in Britain. This makes them (along with Pashley) the only volume bicycle manufacturer in this country.
  • Although there have introduced incremental improvements over the years, every Brompton employs the same inspired engineered solutions that company founder and owner, Andrew Ritchie, ingeniously devised in the 1980s.
  • That is to produce a bicycle that rides well and which folds faster and neater than any other.
  • With practice, a Brompton can be folded and unfolded in 10 seconds. That’s at least twice as fast as the majority of folding bikes.
  • When folded, the front wheel guards the drivetrain so the chain can’t touch you.
  • This design also guarantees that the bike can’t spontaneously unfold, with the result that carrying a Brompton onto a train, using the bike's frame or saddle as a handle, is as routine and drama-free as carrying a suitcase.
  • Because all their bikes are assembled in Britain, Brompton are happy to offer a B-spoke service where they will build the bike to your spec.
  • Interested in a singlespeed Brompton, or one with a telescoping seatpost for taller riders, or dynohub lighting, or bags fitted or a 2-tone paint job from a palette of 15 colours? Just ask.

‘What I really like about my Brompton is it is fun to ride, a doddle to fold and it is well made. When I take it on the tram, it folds neat and small, not much bigger than its 16” wheels. When you unfold it, people look in amazement as if you have pulled a rabbit out of a top hat. I am so glad that as a company we have decided to sell such a well-made and well-presented British-made bike that does what it says it can do.’ Alan Knott: Sheffield sales staff.

Sometimes you have to wait for the good things in life
Brompton bicycles are not mass produced. Every one is built to order. This means that if you order a Brompton from us, you might have to wait around 2 months before we can deliver it. As with any order, we will keep you informed of its progress.

B-spoke Your Brompton
Rather than making do with the standard specification, you can design your Brompton folding bike to suit your needs. Brompton offer a huge number of economical customisable options from gearing to saddles, tyres to lighting systems and from frame colour to bags. To find out what's on offer, simply download this b-spoke order form. Once you have created your dream spec, forward the order form back to us at enquiries@edinburghbicycle.comand we will look after your order.

Bike sizing guide by brand.

Technical Data
Gearing2 spd std ratio
VersionVersion L (mudguards only)
Seat heightStandard (inside leg 33 ins & under)
Saddle typeBrompton saddle
TyresBrompton standard
Rear suspensionFirm Suspension
LightingReflectors only


Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.