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Brompton Rack Sack


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Product Details

Brompton Rack Sack

The Brompton Rack Sack is a large rack pack constructed in heavy-duty Cordura nylon. This rack pack is specifically designed so it can be quickly and securely fitted to a Brompton's rear rack whenever you need storage capacity of up to 16 litres.

The clever thing about this bag is that it can be left on the bike, resting on the frame top tube, when the bike is folded without compromising the Brompton's fold (apart from the fact that the Rack Sack will limit dropping the saddle any lower than bag top level).

If security is an issue and you don't want to leave your bag on the bike unattended, the Brompton Rack Sack is fitted with a carry handle and supplied with a shoulder strap to make it easy to take along with you.

  • The Brompton Rack Sack is a large single-compartment pack that secures to the top a Brompton's rear rack.
  • Manufactured by highly regarded Netherlands company, Radical Design.
  • Cordura construction - this is one of the bag industry's hardest-wearing nylon pack material.
  • Cordura is also very weather resistant, though it doesn't claim to be 100% waterproof.
  • Padded stiffeners round the pack's walls and base give the Brompton Rack Sack shape, and help protect your cargo.
  • The inside of the pack is lined with a yellow nylon material to make it easier to identify and find smaller items, you've packed.
  • YKK zip access - the pack's lid is secured with an extra heavy duty zip that extends round the back of the pack and the length of both sides to make it easy to get your hands on whatever you've packed.
  • The zip comes with two zip-pullers for quicker access.
  • The zip is covered with a flap to help keep the bag's contents dry.
  • An open pocket on the front of the pack is a good place to stash items you might want to access on the move such as gloves or energy bars.
  • Fitted with carry handle and supplied with shoulder strap, it's easy to carry a Brompton Rack Sack when you're off the bike.
  • A 25mm strip of retro-reflective tape is stitched all the way round the back and both sides of the pack to help ensure you're seen from every direction.
  • An LED loop at the back of the pack gives you a convenient and visible spot to fit a rear light (as long as the light has an LED clip).
  • The Brompton Rack Sack is perfect for commuting, shopping or longer trips.
  • Weight: 539g - based upon weighing one Brompton Rack Sack at Bike Co-op HQ in May 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.
  • Dimensions: 40cm back to front x 20cm wide x 25cm tall (approx 16 x 8 x 10 inches).

The Rack Sack fits easily and securely to the Brompton at three points

  • To fit this bag, briefly unfold the back end of the Brompton and hook the Rack Sack's looped front strap round the Brompton's suspension block.
  • Secure the Velcro strap (on the top of the front end of the bag) to the seatpin.
  • Loop the strap on the bottom of the rear of the bag round the Brompton's 'trolley wheels' (on the back of the bike) and secure it with its 25mm click-fix buckle.

You can keep the bag on the bike when it's folded by...

  • Reversing the fitting procedure after undoing the front and rear straps.
  • Keeping the Velcro strap attached to the seatpost, pivot the bag round 180 degrees and rest it on the bike's top tube then secure the rear strap buckle, which was previously round the trolley wheels, round the bike's top tube.

'The Rack Sack offers useful additional carriage possibilities, though the contents must obviously be removed before ‘parking' and folding. With stiffened sides and built-in Velcro straps to secure it, the Rack Sack is purpose-designed for the Brompton rear rack, offering a very secure, shower-proof solution.'