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Bike workshop

Bicycle Servicing – to book call: 0345 257 0808

We want you to be safe and happy on your bike. That’s why every one of our shops has its own in-store workshop. Our Service Centres are staffed by trained, skilled technicians who go by a simple motto – no job too small, no job too complicated (assuming the bike is fixable).

Set Service Menu

Choose between a Basic, Standard or Deluxe Service. Details

A La Carte Service Menu

If your requirements are more specific – say you need something fitted such as a new inner tube or a headset – check our repair price list here or simply ask for a quote.

Any bike:

We’re happy to repair/service any bike wherever you bought it from.

Timeless skills:

Considering new bar tape to refresh the look and feel of the bike? Get it expertly fitted to ensure a smooth finish.

Looking for a new handbuilt wheel? Happy to oblige.

Up to the minute:

Require Shimano Di2 electronic gear shifting diagnostics and updates? We have the training and the kit.

Free safety check-over and estimate

Pop your bike into any of our shops any time for a free safety checkover and we’ll discuss how we can make it better.

If we recommend a repair or service, we always give you an estimate of the final bill before we start working on your bike. Then it’s completely up to you if you want us to go ahead with the job.

Fast Repairs:

If you book the repair in advance (phone 0345 257 0808) and bring the bike into the shop before 12.00 noon, we usually have the job completed that same evening.

Service Set Menus

Basic Service – £35

Especially recommended for a lightly used bike, the Basic Service offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your major bike mechanicals – the brakes and gears – are working properly.

  • Check and adjust brakes and gears.
  • Check and inflate tyres.
  • NB – £35 covers the labour costs of a Basic Service. Any parts required will be quoted for in the estimate and added to the final bill.

Standard Service – £55

The Standard Service covers every externally adjustable moving part of the bike, so it is much more thorough than our Basic Service. Plus the bike is test ridden, so we can confidently back up our Standard Service with a 6 month guarantee that covers the work carried out on your bike.

As Basic Service, plus:

  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
  • Lubricate cables (replace if required).
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs.
  • Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Test ride.
  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.
  • NB – £55 covers the labour cost of a Basic Service. Any parts required will be quoted for in the estimate and added to the final bill.

Deluxe Service – £120

Our Deluxe Service is a complete bicycle overhaul – same as a pro mechanic would devote to a bike before a big race. Here, the mechanic will spend the best part of a full working day, stripping the bike down to the bare frame and carefully rebuilding it.

Every part of the bike is individually cleaned and carefully checked before it is refitted. New brake pads are fitted if required. Serviceable bearings are re-greased and/or replaced as necessary.

If your gears and brakes are cable operated, we’ll fit new Shimano cables. The cost of the cable set (approx £30) is included in the price of the service. If your bike has hydraulic brakes, we’ll bleed the brakes and replace the fluid – again at no extra charge for the brake oil.

Our Deluxe Service has grown a cult following over the years. Many of our customers look upon their annual Bike Co-op Deluxe Service as a necessity, rather a luxury. If you cycle most days, or you have a big ride coming up, we hugely recommend considering a Deluxe Service. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

As Standard Service, plus

  • Complete strip down and rebuild including headset, bottom bracket and hubs (excludes suspension forks & shocks).
  • All threads cleaned and chased.
  • Wheels trued & tensioned.
  • New Shimano gear cables
  • New Shimano brake cables (or brake fluid if your bike has hydraulic brakes)
  • NB – £120 covers the labour cost of a Deluxe Service. Any parts fitted will (apart from cables and brake fluid, which won’t be charged for) will be quoted for in the estimate and added to the final bill.

Here’s one we did already.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at Monday, 2 May 2016, 15.58.58
A 1981 Raleigh Record Ace serviced by Bike Co-op mechanic Holly in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. Will your bike look this good in 30 years?

Book in advance

Demand for repairs and services can fluctuate, so it’s always best to book your service or repair slot in advance to ensure we can work on your bike the day that best suits you. Phone 0345 257 0808 or ask instore.

Repair Price List – To book call: 0345 257 0808

Please see the table below for a list of common repair prices.

These are guide prices only. More complex jobs may incur further charges, which you will be forewarned about.

Services Basic £35
Standard £55
Deluxe £120
(excluding parts)
Fitting £25
Service £15
Adjustment £6
Facing – bare frame £15
Facing – complete bike £40

(quoted per brake)
(excluding parts)

Rim (V or cantilever) Fitting £15
Replace cable & adjust £10
Replace pads & adjust £10
Servicing – pair £15
Hydraulic Fitting & bleed £20
Facing £15
Bleeding £18
Clean & service £15
Replace hose & bleed £20
Replace pads £8
Rotor fitting £6
Freeing stuck pistons £25
Cable disc Fitting £15
Replace cable £8
Facing £15
Replace pads £8
Clean & adjust £8
Rotor fitting £6

(quoted per wheel)
(excluding parts)

Wheel build Old parts £30
New parts £25
Wheel true true & tension £12
Spoke replacement – rear wheel £18
Spoke replacement – front wheel £15

(quoted per hub)
(excluding parts)

Service £15
Cone adjustment £8
Re-packing with grease £10
Freehub service £25

(excluding new tube)

On the spot £6
On the spot hub gear £6

(excluding parts)

New tyre fitting £7
New tyre fitting hub gear £7
Tubeless tyre fitting £18

(excluding parts)

Fitting £15
Bottom bracket
(excluding parts)
Fitting £28
Retapping if required £8
Facing BB shell £15
Service £25
(excluding parts)
Fitting £10
Clean £8
(excluding parts)
Fitting £10
(quoted per gear)
(excluding parts)
Fitting Replace cable & adjust £15
Replace mech & adjust £15
Adjustment £8
Rear hanger Replacement & adjust £12
Straighten & adjust £8
Service – front & rear (does not include hanger straightening) £18
Bike build Mountain bike £85
Road bike £85
Insurance Inspection £15
Quote £15
Cleaning Drive train clean £15
Spring cleaning Full bike clean £30
Parts fit
(not at customising stage)
Computer £6
Childseat £6
Fork fitting * £30
Gear shifters £15
Grips £6
Handlebar £6
Bar Tape/Wrap £10
Mudguards £15
Lights (front & rear) £6
Pedals £6
Rack £10
Wheel £15
Bike boxing Packing and preparing £15
Unpacking, re-building & adjusting £40
(excluding carriage & fitting charge)Please note that all forks are sent to supplier for servicing
Fork fitting * £30
Rear suspension Set up £6
Suspension servicing Rockshox fork service charge From £60
Answer manitou – fork service From £50
Marzocchi – fork service basic service From £55
Marzocchi – fork service full service From £75
DT Swiss (Pace) fork service (Pace & DT forks) bearing replacement only From £50
DT Swiss (pace) fork service (‘03 onwards) XRB0/100, XMC130, EXC150 & TA, XMC29-10/100 From £70
DT Swiss (pace) rear shock service SSD190L, HVR200, SSD Carbon, XM180, EX200, XR Carbon From £50
Fox service for 32mm Talas, 36 & 40mm £109
Fox service for for all 32mm excl Talas £98
Fox rear shock service for DHX £121
Fox rear shock service for Vanila coil R & RL £99
Fox rear shock service for Vanila RC, Float, R, RL, RC & Triad, RP3 £101
Specialized rear shock service charge for AFR (not Brain) £95
Specialized shock service charge for AFR Brain £95
Specialized shock service charge for E120/12SSL £100
Cannondale Lefty from £50
Cannondale Headshock from £50
Fork carriage & fitting charge £30
Rear shock carriage & fitting charge £20
* forks purchased from Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative for over £200 are fitted for free

Custom Builds – To book call: 0345 257 0808

Custom buildsDreaming of a custom bike, built with your choice of frame and components?

Buy the frame and parts from us and we will spend a whole day building the machine from scratch, lavishing the same care on your pride and joy as we would on one of our own. When we tote up the final bill we will knock 20% off the price of every component fitted to the frame and fork.

To find out more about our Custom Build service, telephone 0345 257 0808 or e-mail

Labour cost £85
(20% off every component)

For an example of what we can put together please have a look at this tech brief.