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Revolution Tune Up Workstand

(28 reviews)
  • 'Fit for purpose, easy to use and great value for money. Recommended. 9/10.' Cycling Plus magazine: September 2007.
  • 'This stand from Revolution is particularly well priced and well built.' Singletrack: April 2008.
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£74.99In Stock

Revolution Tune Up Workstand

  • This is a stunningly good quality workstand for the money.
  • The Revolution Tune Up Workstand offers a stable platform for working on the bike at the most comfortable height.
  • The Tune Up Workstand's legs open up wide to help promote stability as do the stand's substantial rubber 'feet'.
  • The main oversized aluminium tube telescopes so the bike clamp can be set at any height from 1-to-1.5 metres off the ground - no more getting on your knees to clean/adjust/maintain/repair your bike.
  • Utilising 3 nicely machined QR (quick release) levers, you can erect this workstands in seconds. Bike prep accomplished, the Revolution Tune Up folds down equally fast.
  • The clamp also features a cam-style QR closure, making it fast and easy to secure the bike for working on, or unclamping it once you've finished your tune-up session.
  • Owning a quality workstand makes bicycle maintenance so much easier, hence more pleasurable, hence you'll be more likely to do it regularly.
  • The clamp is faced with heavy-duty rubber to prevent frame damage (though if you are paranoid about clamping your paint job or decals, follow the advice of our mechanics and clamp bikes by the seatpost).
  • The clamp turns through 360 degrees so you can hold the frame or seatpost secure at the most convenient angle for working on
  • Using a workstand helps eliminate the risk of knocking the bike over while working on it in the traditional manner - i.e. with the bicycle upside down, balanced on its bars and saddle.
  • 100 x 20 x 18cm when folded down.
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Our own-brand Revolution bicycles and bike equipment exclusively available from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Free delivery on orders over £20.

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4.9 / 5
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Great piece of kit, great shop and excellent staff. My on-line order had not been received by the Newcastle shop, but staff were glad to sort it out for me, saving me a further trip back to the shop. The work stand made fitting new gear and brake cables so much easier.

Review: Why did I wait so long to purchase it? Ease of use? 5/5 It comes in a box, you take it out of the plastic bag and play with 3 quick-release levers. That's it. Finish? 5/5 Looks totally professional. I have to say, when I saw it as the 'reserve' stand in a local bike shop, that tipped me over to buy it. The bike shop was clearly using this stand until they could install their full on floor-to-ceiling variety. They had been busy and open for 2 weeks and I *know* my bikes aren't going to be attended to as often Stability 4/5 I've only had it 45 mins but I've already put a heavy steel cross bike on it and a steel single speed. I've tightened the chain on the latter and cleaned the brakes on the others. I detected a slight wobble as I was doing this, particularly as you loosen the lock nuts on the fixed bike but I'm sure I will get used to bracing the stand in the right area. I used the 360 handle at the top to change the orientation to work on the front brakes and front wheel and the stand was more than stable. Portability 4.5/5 As above, easy to put up and pull down, and not heavy at all. Put it this way, carrying your bike is harder than this. Delivery 5/5 Ordered on Friday; delivered for free on Monday lunchtime. Courier company (DPD) even sends a text with an hour window, and they arrived bang on time. Buy it; your back will thank you.

This is an excellent piece of kit. The build quality and ease of use punches well above it's weight. Value for money?........EBC you've played a stormer with this.

I have just set up my new revolution work stand, the difference just slaps you in the face i worked on my bikes suspended from the rafter of my workshop, but if you are thinking of buying a good quality work stand at an affordable price this is the one don't hesitate top buy

Ridiculously good stand for the money - cannot believe the sturdiness and build quality.

I have tried a Park PCS 10- too short and flexes alarmingly when fully extended and carrying a heavy bike A Minoura-tall but quite wobbly A Kestral - far better than the EBC one but hardly surprising given its price. OK, a quick release mechanism on the clamp would useful and when clamping a heavy machine by the seat tube and tilting to 45 degrees it's a little unstable BUT it still justifies 5 stars for ease of use, price and stability. Overall a fine product at any price.

This stand has been great value. It's sturdy, weighty enough to inspire confidence and it's easy enough to get the bike in and out of the jaws.

Ridiculously good stand for the money - cannot believe the sturdiness and build quality.

This workstand is excellent value for money, intuitive to use and folds neatly to take up very little storage space. It holds my hybrid securely though I'm not sure it would hold a heavy bike with dual suspension or an E-bike. If you have ever used a stand without an easy quick-release clamp, you'll love this one!

Forget all those cheap wobbly workstands you can buy on Amazon, or eBay. This is the only workstand you'll ever need. It takes seconds to unfold it. Once you have it in the right position, ensure your quick-release adjustment levers are done up nice and tight and you're ready to work on your bike(s). This stand is secure, stable and folds down into a small, light, portable unit which you can store away easily or put it in your car if you want to take it to your mate's house to fix their bike. Just buy it, you won't regret it!

Bought this initially to service the forks on my GT I-Drive 4 1.0 mountain bike but immediately began wondering how I'd managed to keep the bike on the trail without one. No more hit and miss gear adjustments and even washing the bike is easier on the stand. This particular stand takes seconds to erect and hang the bike. Then it's folded down and sits in the corner of a shed with the spades and gardening stuff. Even though so simple to erect and compact to store I'm really impressed how sturdy it is; for the price a great buy.

I bought one of these stands a few weeks ago and am delighted with it. Maintaining and cleaning the bike from it is a breeze. The stand collapses and assembles really quickly and takes up very little room while collapsed. While maintaining the bike the stand is super sturdy. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and would fully recommend one at exceptional value for money too!

An essential piece of kit, makes everything so much easier especially washing and of course repairs! Saves your back from being sore too. I use this stand on a weekly basis - I couldn't live without it now.

This sturdy and well finished workstand turns maintenance and repair into a back saving pleasure. Placing and securing your bike is straightforward, accomplished by easy to operate quick release levers. The stand folds easily for convenient storage. Previously I never really enjoyed working on my bike as I knew doubling over for long periods would result in a trip to the bathroom cupboard for a liberal application of volterol!! Maintenance is now a pleasure. Bike and back have not been so well adjusted for many years. I have been using the stand for a couple of years now with no problems. Great value, high quality bike maintenance- enhancing experience.

Fantastic stand and amazing value now, at just over £49. Easy and quick to open up and fold down for storage, reasonably light yet sturdy. Those attributes encourage you to use it frequently! Here are some advantages of a good work stand: * easy to access and see brake pads, useful when adjusting alignment * you can turn cranks freely to get your drive train beautifully adjusted and changing well * saves your back, making it even more pleasant to work on your bike * no worries about, or silly damage from, bike slipping, falling, or scuffing saddle against a wall. No brainer five star rating!

An excellent purchase. Like many reviews it has been a fantastic addition to aid service of two machines, road and mountain bikes. So much easier than plonking the bikes upside down and scraping bars! Well Done EBC!

Bought this in the sale.... what a great solid stand, even if its just for cleaning. Great for working on your pride and joy, easy adjustments and well made solid piece of kit. Keeps the bike in a position you want or need while working on it. I started looking around and you'll not get a better stand for this money.

One year on..... Bought this following the excellent one day cycle maintenance course at EBC, where I got to use it. 
Have used it regularly along with my new skills. The stand Is solid in use, easy to put a bike onto and really easy to put up and down to store when not being used. A real five star product!

What an excellent piece of kit for the home / garage , makes you wonder why people go out and spend a couple of hundred on other work stands , you buy two of these (or three if you paid £50 like i did ) and still have change. All the quick releases feel solid as do all the pivot Points . Holds my mountain bike , hybrid and road bike fine and in various positions ,highly recommended .

This work stand is quite simply... A FANTASTIC BUY!!!
Its value for money, 
Good quality,
Easy to use and folds down for easy storage,
Light (Yet design keeps bike secure)
Has numerous adjustment positions (Holds bike on ground/low/high. The clamp has rubber grip and holds well on seat post of frame)
I'm super happy with this product one of my best cycling purchases ever made. Buy this product with confidence.

Milton Keynes
I love this stand! I asked my Dad to buy me one for Christmas several years ago, and he was impressed with how well made it is, and what good value for money (he is an engineer). It has had a lot of use and is still going strong - good as new even and I have recommended them to several other people. It really is fantastic for fettling or cleaning your bike - everything is much easier when you don't have to hold the bike up at the same time. Being a shorty (5'4") the weight of the stand and the adjustability are great.

Tyne And Wear
Bought during the Christmas holidays and it has come in useful so many times since then - just worth it being able to tune gears without having to constantly switch hands! Build quality is quite good and I have had no problems even if sometimes I get a bit overzealous while spinning the pedals. Allows adjusting breaks and gears and checking them straight away. You also don't have to be bent over the whole time - easy on the back!

Really recommend to any home mechanic!

Not essential but like so many non-essential things it makes life SO much easier and once you have one you wonder why you didn't buy one earlier. Great bit of kit for the money. Adjusting gears is much easier when your bike isn't upside down for a start. Makes cleaning bikes so much quicker and easier too - a clean bike is a healthy bike and a healthy bike makes a happy owner! (if you're a mountain biker then it may well pay for itself in terms of money saved on worn parts due to more regular cleaning of the drive chain!). Bit worried about 'water damage' over the long term, but is OK so far.

I've owned one for about a year now and I can't complain. The biggest selling points are that it is light, and it can fold away very quickly, so it is great for space in my flat. It's nice and sturdy, and although it can be a little bit flexi, it's absolutely fine for home use. Took me a while to decide to splash out the money and buy a workstand, but now I look back at how much easier things would have been if I’d bought one sooner!

West Lothian
For anyone who does home fettling; Working on a bike is so much easier when it's in a stand. Friends come to my shed to use it, or ask I bring it to theirs at weekend.

Not a workshop essential but once you have one for a while you will wonder how you ever managed to live without one. Not mega-sturdy but good enough and comparable with other, more expensive, home stands. Packs away nicely.

This stand is absolutely great value for money…….Its very well made, i haven’t had chance to use it yet but i know quality when I see it!! Fantastic!!!

I've probably had this for 18 months now and it is still as good as new (yes, I do use it!). Value for money is amazing but it also is very stable, flexible and easy to store. And it's not heavy. The adjusters are all very easy to use and the multiple positions all you to get your bike as accessible as you need it. I've just noticed that the local bike service man has one so that's a good recommendation.
Ask a question
Q. Is a tray available to be purchased as an extra that fits to the Workstand.
A. It is called the Magnetic Tool Tray for work stand and can be found on our website.
Q. Is there a sccret to keeping the rotation clamp secure Mine likes to come apart and rotate on me.
A. If you are having issues with the clamp rotating, you can adjust the tightness of the assembly using the allen key bolt inside the assembly.  You’ll have to remove the handle at the back by removing its bolt in order to gain access.
Q. The tread has gone in my workstand clamp. Do you sell spares?
A. We do not sell this as a spare part.
Q. Roughly how much does the bikestand weigh?
A. The Workstand weighs approximately 5kg.
Q. Would this stand be able to securely hold my DH bike? It is about the 30-33lb region.
A. Our workstand should be fine with your bike weighing 13/14kg. Keep the base wide and the weight over the legs and you should have no problems.
Q. Is it safe to clamp carbon tubes with this stand?
A. Is it safe to clamp carbon tubes with this stand?
Q. What is the weight limit on this workstand?
A. Thanks for your question. We don't have a stated weight limit however most of us own one (they're brilliant!) and some of us have used them for cleaning/maintaining downhill and mountain bikes, so they do stand up to heavier bikes - keep the legs wide and the weight over them and you should be fine.

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