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Revolution Adventure Rack Pack 5L +1

(2 reviews)
  • Box-shaped (a bit like a traditional saddlebag) our rack pack is the perfect in-between-sized bag for when you want something bigger than a bar bag, but don't need pannier-like capacity.
  • 'Build quality is excellent.' Cycle magazine.
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    5 +1LNow Only £17.99 Was £24.99In Stock

    Revolution Adventure Rack Pack 5L +1

    This pack Velcros secure to the top of near any rear pannier rack. Box-shaped (a bit like a traditional saddlebag) our rack pack is the perfect in-between-sized bag for when you want something bigger than a bar bag, but don't need pannier-like capacity.

    • Well padded - good for carrying delicate stuff such as cameras, binoculars and eggs.
    • The reinforced rubber base resists rain splash, and it's textured to prevent sliding. This is a very stable rack pack.
    • 2 zipped side pocket.
    • Bottle pocket.
    • Shoulder strap makes it a comfortable carry off the bike.
    • Reflective piping.
    • Stowaway yellow raincover enhances weather resistance and visibility.
    • Capacity: 5L + 1L. The pack's 5 litre capacity 'grows' by an extra litre with a pull of a zip, located under the lid.
    • Dimensions: 28cm L x 14cm W x 15cm H.
    • Warning: a rack pack strapped to the top of your rack may well prevent you simultaneously clipping on panniers.
    • Read the Review.

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    Cyclists can’t have too many bags. Hence the Revolution Adventure range of cycle luggage - a bag for near every purpose - every one designed by Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op.


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    5 +1L5052308000218

    Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

    5 / 5
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    Great bag. I use it when I don't have a great deal to carry - I carry a food flask and lunch and snack and there's easily room for more. The long side pockets are great for wallet, phone and change.

I've only once used the rain cover but it's good to know it's there in case of heavy rain. The bottle carrier at the back is handy as I use my bike bottle carrier for a flask of coffee and my water bottle can be carried on the rear as I use it post ride rather than during. Great. I find the clip on strap useful once off the bike for carrying around.

I've got a Specialized mini wedgie saddle bag and it doesn't interfere with this bag on the rack.

I can also add one Revolution Adventure pannier in addition to this pack with a minimum of fuss. 

Also handy bungee strap on the top for securing gloves/buff.

Great buy. Easy to Velcro on and off the bike and always feels secure.

    South America
    This rack pack is brilliant! I spent a lot of time researching the available options and this bag is the best of the bunch. It's the only one of this size on the market; others are far too big. The bag fits my bar rack, it attaches by 4 Velcro straps that go onto the rack rails, easy to fit and remove. It really is secure even when fully loaded and I have loaded it up with far too much shopping at times, the top expands by opening a zip, and gives you more capacity. It comes with an adjustable clip on carrying strap, so you can remove it when you lock your bike up. It has two outside pockets that run the whole length of the bag, great for specs, phone, and small loose items. It has an adjustable 'bungee' built into the top to carry your raincoat or spare shoes. Inside it has a zipped pocket for money and keys. It also has an end pocket with a waterproof cover (can't say how good it is as I live in Portugal!). A great additional feature is the external water bottle 
 holder that means you can take extra water or take your bottle off your bike and take it with you to drink, or use it to carry apples as I do! I use it every day as a rack bag and a bag to carry around. When attached to the bike the top is below the height of my saddle, so I am not aware of it behind me i.e. not sitting against it as you would be with a bag any bigger than this one. Best bag I ever bought, would certainly buy another one of these although I can't see this one wearing out in a hurry. Would recommend this to everyone, its great, just buy one!
    Ask a question
    Q. What's the weight of this bag (you really should have weights on your website, it's a cycling product!)
    A. 0.46kg approx.
    Q. Is it 28cm in length including or excluding the bottle holder?
    A. Thanks for your email. It's 28cm excluding the bottle holder - overall with the bottle fully extended it's around 37cm.
    Q. Can the Rack Pack 5L +1 be attached to the rack at the same time as Ortlieb back-roller panniers?
    A. With the Revolution Rack Pack fitted it isn't always possible to fit pannier bags at the same time. Unfortunately we don't have a definitive answer so it would be a case of trying the bag with your pannier and rack combination to find out. If it wasn't suitable then you could return it for a refund or exchange.
    Q. Hi, is this carrier machine washable?
    A. Thanks for your question. Yes, this is machine washable at 40 degrees, although it cannot be tumble dried.
    Q. Will the back work with a narrow topped pannier rack such as the Tortec Velocity? Thanks.
    A. Although this Rack Pack would work with a slim rack such as the Tortec Velocity, it is designed for and works better on a wider rack. We think with it's retaining straps done up tightly it may still be a little wobbly when full. If used in conjunction with pannier bags, they may support the Rack Pack to stop it listing to one side.
    Q. Is there room for an ipad in the bag? Have something similar at the moment, but the ipad only fits when sitting diagonally, which uses up most of the available space …
    A. You could fit an Ipad in the Revolution Adventure Rack Pack however it would need to sit diagonally creating the same problem you have experienced previously. Even with a larger 7 Litre bag an Ipad would still have to sit diagonally. To carry an Ipad and more space it may be best to look at a single pannier such as one of our Revolution Single panniers (see here).
    Q. Does this pack have rigid sides?
    A. The base and ends of the Revolution Adventure rack pack are reinforced however the sides are not. With the sides not being reinforced there is some give for carrying larger items.

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