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XLC Comort Locking Grips & Bar Ends

XLC Comort Locking Grips & Bar Ends

  • XLC Comfort Locking Grips & Bar Ends
  • Lock-on ergonomic bicycle handlebar grips
  • Integrated bar ends offer an alternative riding position

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Product Description

XLC Comfort Locking Grips & Bar Ends

XLC Comfort Locking Grips & Bar Ends is an exceptional set of handlebar grips, designed to maximise hand comfort and help prevent numbness and/or discomfort.

  • The integrated bar end offers an often welcome change of riding position (that emulates riding with your hands on a drop bar brake hoods) when fitted to flat or riser handlebars.
  • The mini bar ends enable you to cycle with the wrists in line - i.e. naturally, as they are when you walk with your hands by your sides.
  • The grips are made in a comfortable, hard wearing kraton rubber.
  • Gel padding enhances comfort without being over-squishy.
  • A flat section for the heel of the hand relieves pressure on the Ulnar nerve, and helps prevent hand numbness.
  • This flat section is embossed for more secure support and non-slip control.
  • The locking clamp ensures secure attachment.
  • Unlike standard grips, which need to be a narrower internal diameter than the bars to stay in place (so they can be a struggle to fit or remove), lock-on grips are just the right internal diameter to slip onto any conventional bar (22.2mm external diameter where the grips slide on) without any effort.
  • Once you slide on the grip, tighten the Allen bolt clamp and the grip is locked in place.
  • Should you ever have to remove these grips, simply undo the bolts with a 2.5mm Allen key (not supplied) and the clamps and the grips will slide off without a struggle.
  • Fits near-any mountain bike or hybrid bike flat or riser bar.
  • Closed ends mean these grips don't require bar end plugs.
  • Length: 148mm.
  • 264g based on weighing a pair of XLC Comfort Locking Grips & Bar Ends at Bike Co-op HQ in November 2015.