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X-Socks Biking Pro Socks

X-Socks Biking Pro Socks

  • A strong contender for best cycling socks
  • Endurance-maximising road bike socks
  • Technically advanced cycling socks

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Product Description

X-Socks Biking Pro Socks

X-Socks Biking Pro Socks combine protection, ventilation and compression to help maximise pedaling performance, comfort and endurance and minimise fatigue.

  • X-Cross Bandage - this patented crossover ankle band is knit using stretch compression fabrics, which give stressed tendons, muscles and joints secure support and stability without limiting freedom of movement
  • The self-adjusting cuff adapts to any leg circumference, wide or narrow, to ensure the socks' tops neither slip nor constrict
  • Toe Protectors help prevent blisters and chafing
  • Asymmetrical impact-absorbing ToeTip Protectors, made from hollow-core Robur™ fibres, cushion and protect the pressure-sensitive tips of your toes
  • Heel Protectors protect against pressure and friction
  • Left and right specific anatomically shaped footbed with integrated AirConditioning Channel® and AirCool Mythlan™ Stripes keeps air flowing under the soles to help prevent the fatigue you can experience when your feet overheat
  • Given that ankle bones protrude and are therefore accident prone, X-Bionic socks boast crescent moon-shaped AirFlow AnklePads, which offer impact protection without compromising air flow
  • Optimised for road bike riding
  • Fabric: 40% Nylon, 33% Skin NODOR® Polyamide, 12% Mythlan™ Polypropylene, 12% Robur™, 3% Elastane
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees C

Technical, stylish, lightweight: the same characteristics as a performance road bike, X-SOCKS® meets the requirements of professional riders 100 %.

The front section connects directly to the wide-mesh AirConditioning® Channel. Together with the Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ it ensures a supply of fresh air under the soles. Finely woven, but extremely durable. Special protectors are fitted at areas subject to increased wear. Maximum power transfer combined with optimal protection: perfect for tough races.'

Swiss engineered: Italian made
With over 200 design patents to their name, X-Bionic make a strong claim to being the most scientifically advanced manufacturer of sports clothing. Every X-Bionic garment is designed and developed in Switzerland, then it's manufactured in Italy, the country that remains the home of classic bike wear.