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X-Bionic Summer Light Leg Warmer

X-Bionic Summer Light Leg Warmer

  • Summer weight cycling leg warmers
  • Regulates temperature whether it's hot or cold
  • Advanced compression helps reduces fatigue

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Product Description


X-Bionic Summer Light Leg Warmer

These leg warmers are comfortable to wear in summer, they protect you from harmful rays and they deliver the fatigue-reducing benefits of compression.

  • Like any legwarmer, X-Bionic's keep you warmer when you ride in shorts when it's chilly
  • Manufactured in superfine yarns these legwarmers remain comfortable to wear once you warm up
  • Air-Conditioning Channel - this is a ventilation system that channels air through the garment to prevent overheating
  • AirConditioningSpot - a fine, circular knitted fabric behind the knee facilitates perspiration without the risk of chilling
  • X-Bionic Summer leg warmers deliver the fatigue-reducing benefits of compression, proven by X-Bionic socks
  • The fabric is seamless, not just for comfort, but to enable more uniform compression
  • Fabric: 80% Skin NODOR® Polyamide, 10% Mythlan™ Polypropylene, 10% Elastane
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees C
  • ExpansionRib Knees - the legwarmers' knees are knitted in a ribbed fabric that folds like an accordion's bellows to maintain insulation and to maximise freedom of movement.

Here's how X-Bionic describe ExpansionRibs

'The problem
Knees and elbows can bend up to 160 degrees. However, most textiles can't withstand this stress without being pulled thin and, hence, resulting in a loss of functional insulation.

The solution
X-BIONIC ExpansionRib Knees - the knitted fabric folds apart based on the accordion principle, insuring that cold doesn‘t cool down these sensitive body parts. Even when sharply bent, the insulating effect is maintained. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs™ and the elasticity of the yarn allow a frictionless freedom of movement. Even sports with continuous arm and leg movement, such as Nordic Walking, produce no symptoms of musculature exhaustion from the movement of the ExpansionRibs™.'


Swiss engineered: Italian made
With over 200 design patents to their name, X-Bionic make a strong claim to being the most scientifically advanced manufacturer of sports clothing. Every X-Bionic garment is designed and developed in Switzerland, then it's manufactured in Italy, the country that remains the home of classic bike wear.


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