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Torq Bar


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Product Details

Torq Bar

Moist, chewy and made with Fair Trade Fruit and natural ingredients, Torq Bars are a favourite portable food with many of the Edinburgh Bicycle staff.

  • Typical Ingredients: Oats, Raisins, Maltodextrin, Fructose Syrup, Banana (12%), Puffed Rice, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • With TORQ ribose (0.77%) which is claimed to optimise muscle performance and hasten recovery after exercise.
  • Moist and chewy.
  • High in complex carbohydrate.
  • Very low in fat (1 gram per bar).
  • Flavoured with fairly-traded fruit.
  • No colours, artificial flavours or preservatives.
  • Light (45g) and compact to take on the move.
  • A healthier snack bar to accompany any tea or coffee break.
  • Great flavours: chose from Pineapple and Ginger, Sundried Banana, Raspberry and Apple or Tangy Apricot.

We like them all but the sundried banana one means you can enjoy the cyclist's favourite food - the banana - in a format that won't go mushy in your back pocket.

The science behind TORQ Energy Drink, Gel and Bars in the words of company founder and owner, Matt Hart
'Keeping abreast with the latest sports science research informs everything we do. Exercise fuelling research in 2005 demonstrated that ingesting the two carbohydrates, maltodextrin and fructose, in a 2:1 ratio delivers 40% more carbohydrate than maltodextrin alone. That’s the ratio we use in our bars, gels and drinks powders.

An athlete using TORQ's 2:1 Maltodextrin: Fructose formulations can absorb and use up to 90g of carbohydrate per hour whilst exercising. This equates to a ‘tolerance threshold’ of 3 TORQ Units per hour (whereas with glucose-based formulations you could only absorb 60g).

Sometimes you should eat more
The latest research suggests that you should ‘drink to thirst’ rather than constantly drinking in an attempt to keep hydrated. Sure, you can expect a drop in performance if you become dehydrated, but you’ll only become dehydrated if you’re sweating and not replacing the
fluids and electrolytes that are lost. If you ride your bike at low intensity on a very cold day, you will only need to consume a small amount of energy drink. In this situation, you can’t rely on the energy drink to fuel you because you’re not drinking much, so you’ll need to eat more TORQ Gel and Bar units.

Sometimes you should drink more
In hot weather, when perspiration rates are high, you will need to drink much more energy drink to maintain hydration. But because every 500ml contains 30g of carbohydrate (1 TORQ Unit), you won’t need to eat as much. In very hot conditions, you might be achieving all your TORQ units through your energy drink and won’t need to eat at all.

Why do you need to fuel during exercise?
The human body can only hold a limited carbohydrate store. Once this disappears (after 1.5 to 2 hours exercise) your energy levels drop rapidly. Fuelling whilst exercising provides an external (exogenous) source of carbohydrate to burn. This helps spare your stored carbohydrate reserves, so you will maintain energy levels (and hence a steady pace) over a longer period of time. In other words, the more exogenous carbohydrate you can imbibe, the longer you will last. This helps explain why the extra 30g of carbohydrate delivered via the TORQ Fuelling System is so important. Even if your exercise session is less than 1.5 hours, fuelling during exercise will leave your stored carbohydrate less ‘dented’, so following the TORQ Fuelling System also hastens recovery - the key to being in the best possible shape the following day.'

Matt Hart: TORQ company founder and owner.

This is Torq's own take on their lovely bars

'TORQ bar has been painstakingly formulated to produce a food that is ultra high in carbohydrate, very low in fat and with ingredients wide-ranging in glycaemic index for immediate and sustained glucose release. Just as important, this bar has been designed to taste great with a cup of tea too. All too often energy bars are dry and difficult to eat - and those that aren't contain far too much fat. TORQ bars are delicious, moist and chewy, containing just over 2 grams of fat per 100 (less than a gram per bar) and packed with usable carbohydrate. This makes it the perfect food and fuel choice before, during and after exercise.

TORQ bar was developed to satisfy the needs of athletes and physically active people. Many energy bars on the market cater for some of these needs, but we don't believe they have addressed them all. Here is what athletes and physically active people need:

  • Carbohydrate: They 'need' carbohydrate full stop. They 'need' it whilst they exercise to spare their limited glycogen reserves and at rest to top their valuable stores back up again. TORQ bar contains over 70 grams of carbohydrate per 100gand TORQ bar's unique blend of Maltodextrin and Fructose Syrup maximises 'available' carbohydrate.
  • Glycaemic Index: They 'need' a food with ingredients wide-ranging in glycaemic index for immediate and sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream. TORQ bar has been carefully formulated to include ingredients with low, moderate and high glycaemic indices for this purpose.
  • Ultra low fat: They 'need' a food that is ultra low in fat to guarantee rapid digestion and minimize the intake of ineffective calories. TORQ bar contains only 2 grams of fat per 100g (less than a gram per bar).
  • Easy to eat: They 'need' a food that is easy to eat, or they won't eat enough of it to derive the benefits. There are too many dry energy bars out there, making it difficult to supply sufficient carbohydrate calories - the ones that aren't dry tend to contain too much fat. TORQ bar is delightfully moist and chewy, yet it remains ultra low in fat and high in carbohydrate.
  • Tasty: They also 'need' a food that tastes so good that they choose to snack on it in preference to high fat, less effective alternatives. Some energy bars are encapsulated with chocolate to entice the customer into buying. Many of these bars taste great, but you can't coat a bar with chocolate and keep it low in fat. Therefore the product becomes compromised and less effective in supplying useful energy. The careful formulation and preparation of TORQ bar has ensured a delicious deep flavour, with a mouth-feel more commonly associated with a higher fat food.
  • Ribose: Finally, athletes and physically active people 'need' to recover quickly if they are to maintain a lively performance day in day out. The simple and complex carbohydrates in TORQ bar will rapidly re-stock the body's depleted glycogen stores, but will do nothing to address the actual energy charge of the muscle cells. After particularly heavy physical training, full recovery at a cellular level can take many days. Research has proven that supplementation with ribose can boost cellular recovery by a staggering 340-430%*. Ribose is natural sugar present within every living cell of the body and is used to manufacture ATP (the energy currency of the cell) from scratch. Whilst the body can manufacture its own ribose from glucose, this requires energy and is a very slow process. Supplementing with ribose simply bypasses this course of action.
  • TORQ bars are made with fairly traded fruit and our ingredient listings are simple and NATURAL.'