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Tomtom Bandit Action Camera Standard Edition

Tomtom Bandit Action Camera Standard Edition

  • Tomtom Bandit Action Camera Standard Edition
  • Wifi/Bluetooth smartphone connection
  • Near-instant creation of edited footage

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Product Description


Tomtom Bandit Action Camera Standard Edition

The Tomtom is a robust high-definition video/stills action camera with some truly useful original features.

'The Bandit's most interesting feature is that it will automatically, intelligently find the highlights in the hours of video you've captured and edit it together into a reel containing only the awesome stuff. It does this using a whole bunch of sensors, including GPS and gyroscope.'
STUFF magazine.

This is a great breakthrough in action cameras. Here's why. We all know people who have taken hours of footage but never gotten round to (or know how to) edit it down to the interesting highlights.

Being able to instantly identify and create highlights makes the Tomtom Bandit a game changer.

The camera's inbuilt sensors tag the film with all kinds of data - speed, altitude, accelerometers - to make it easy to pick out 'the best bits' be it the fastest sections or the funniest endos.

Wifi connected to your smartphone app (iOS or Android) you can edit the film to only include these sections of interest (and a time period either side of them). You can overlay details such as displaying a speedometer on a corner of your highlights movie.

The same app makes it easy to upload your edited movie to Facebook or wherever – all before you leave the trail-centre carpark.

  • Wifi/Bluetooth connection to the smartphone app (iOS or Android) enables you to edit and share your movie instantly.
  • You can create an edited highlight of your footage - simply by shaking your phone.
  • The Bandit's USB 3.0 plug-in Batt-Stick battery means you can charge the battery and transfer footage at the same time - no cable required.
  • The Batt-Stick has a particularly generous run time - records for up to 3 hours at 30fps.
  • You can always carry spare Batt-Stickswhen longer filming time is required.
  • The camera can be rotated on its housing through 180 degrees. This helps ensure the camera is level.
  • HD Video (up to 4k) at 15 frames per second (fps).
  • 2.7l at 30fps.
  • 1080p at 60/30 fps.
  • 720p at 60/120fps (4x slow motion capture).
  • Time lapse (one frame every 60 seconds) - perfect for capturing spectacular sunrise/sunsets.
  • Stills up to 16 megapixels.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • The large LCD screen makes it easy to select settings.
  • A button on the rear turns on the device and toggles the record function.
  • Pressing the button a second time tags a highlight as you record it.
  • Built in GPS - the Bandit can record location information along with video and photos.
  • Built-in Action Sensors - while you record your footage, integrated G-force, Speed, Rotation, Acceleration & Altitude sensors record action data.
  • The Bandit uses that data to identify the highlights in your footage, and allows you to show those info in your final video - for instance how fast you took that downhill.
  • Wi-Fi connection with, say, your phone offers live preview of what the camera is seeing, the option to trigger record, and indication of both battery life and storage time remaining.
  • Power is supplied via a neat 1900mAh Batt-Stick that houses both the battery and the MicroSD card slot.
  • The Batt-Stick's built-in USB slots into the back of the camera.
  • When you plug the Batt-Stick into your computer/laptop's USB port, you can charge the battery and transfer footage at the same time.
  • Batt-Stick run time - records for up to 3 hours at 30fps.
  • The Batt-Stick incorporates an LED battery power indicator.
  • Supplied with one flat and one curved adhesive mount.
  • Supplied with adapter for mounting GoPro accessories.
  • Supplied with Splashproof Lens Cover.
  • Manufacturer's published weight and dimensions: 190g / 6.7 oz. 94 x 38 x 52mm / 3.7 x 1.5 x 2.0 inches.
  • Requires: Class 10 microSD card- not included.

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Product Questions

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