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Tacx Blue Twist Folding Magnetic Trainer

Tacx Blue Twist Folding Magnetic Trainer

  • Tacx Blue Twist Folding Magnetic Trainer T2675
  • Tacx-quality turbo trainer
  • Entry level price

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Product Description


Tacx Blue Twist Folding Magnetic Trainer T2675

The Tacx Blue Twist is a quality home trainer as you would expect from the market leader in this field.

Famed for helping you keep warm and strong over the winter, the Tacx Blue Twist is a proven route to maintaining and improving fitness all year round.

Simply mount your bike’s back wheel on the trainer's roller. Secure the home trainer's clamp to the wheel's QR. You now have the means to cycle indoors when you can’t or don’t want to go outside.

  • Confidence inspiring - thanks to its robust frame, its solid back legs, and its utterly secure wheel axle QR clamp, the Tacx Blue Twist will support your bike with total authority.
  • Very easy to use - with a little practice, you can mount your bike to the trainer in seconds.
  • A seven-step resistance adjustment switch on the trainer allows you to set the trainer up at the level required, from a total workout with up to 700 Watt resistance to an easy warm-down.
  • You can change gear to fine tune resistance and the effort required when pedalling the bike on the trainer - just as you would when cycling outside.
  • The Tacx Blue Twist's one kilo steel flywheel helps maintain momentum, especially when you change gear.
  • It's lifetime-guaranteed composite SoftGel / stainless steel roller makes the Tacx Blue Twist much quieter in operation than previous models.
  • Session over, you can take the bike off the trainer equally quickly, and fold it up for compact storage.

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