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Systemex Adjustable Quill Stem

Systemex Adjustable Quill Stem

  • Zero to 60 degree adjustable-rise bicycle handlebar stem
  • The easiest way to set handlebars higher

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Product Description

Systemex Adjustable Quill Stem

Fitting this adjustable rise stem is one of the easiest and often the most cost effective ways to set your handlebars significantly higher.

This stem makes it easier to raise the bar. Or lower it.

This stem has the power to make a too-small bike more comfortable.

A common problem
Your handlebars are too low and causing discomfort or even pain in the neck / wrists / lower back, and your can't safely set the bars any higher.

The solution
This Systemex Adjustable Quill Stem, which can be adjusted to any angle, from zero rise through to 60 degrees, enables you to set your bars significantly higher. What's more, if you don't get the height right first time, the stem's Allen-key adjustability makes it easy to readjust the handlebar height till it's just right via that proven technique - trial and error.

  • Manufactured in cold-forged heat-treated aluminium for assured strength
  • The stem's 4-bolt face plate makes it easy to fit or switch handlebars - no need to remove grips, tape or levers
  • The stem's reach is 100mm
  • The stem takes a handlebar which is 25.4mm / one inch diameter in the middle where it's clamped
  • The stem is available in 2 versions
  • Fits 25.4mm / one inch external diameter threaded fork steerer
  • Fits 28.6mm / inch and an eighth external diameter threaded fork steerer