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Specialized Turbo E-Bike Range

The Specialized Turbo e-bike range - a perfect combination of power, style and the latest technology. Specialized, who have over 40 years experience of designing award winning and genre defining bikes, are at the forefront of electric bike manufacturing. Whether you jump on a Turbo Levo to take your trail riding to new heights, and more thrilling descents, or opt for a Turbo Vado to make commuting across the city fun, you’ll know you’ve chosen an electric bike which will handle, perform and last beyond your expectations.

The integrated batteries of the Specialized Turbo range mean no matter what model you choose, you won’t be compromising on design. Available for both men and women, it doesn’t matter if you’re a mountain biker, commuter or riding just for fun; you can be confident that you’ve chosen one of the most technologically advanced electric bikes. It’s you, only faster.