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Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2

Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2

  • Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2
  • Specialized aluminium mudguards
  • Mudguards for road bikes with tyres up to 700x30

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Product Description


Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2

The Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2 is a pair of flex-resistant metal mudguards, specially made to fit specific Specialized bike models which have Plug and Play frame mounts.

  • This mudguard set fits compatible Specialized bikes particularly neatly, thanks to their integrated Plug and Play mounts.
  • These mudguards also come with hardware so they can also be fitted to bikes with regular mudguard stay bolt eyelets.
  • Made for longevity, Plug and Play mudguards are anodised aluminium and the stays and hardware are stainless steel.
  • Suitable for bikes with tyres up to 30mm wide.
  • Weight: 520g - based upon weighing a Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2 (inc hardware) at Bike Co-op HQ in September 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.


Customer Reviews (3)

Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2 ReviewReview by Jan
It is rather difficult to give these fenders just one overall rating because the design is great but they are difficult to install. Calling them plug-and-play is misleading: 38 items are included and you have to saw the fender stays with the risk you can't use them anymore when they are too short. The manual is unclear (other version ?) and not all items are used. But after two hours of installation they look beautiful on the bike! (Posted on 18/06/2016)
Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2 ReviewReview by Rick
I bought the Specialized Plug & Play Fender set 2 to fit to my Specialixed Diverge road bike. The quality of the product is good, they are light, strong, well constructed and look quite good when fitted. However they are not easy to fit. The  product name implies quick and easy fitting, but this is definitely not the case. The a reason JR Ipswitch could not find an allen key to fit the grub screws is that they require a star key. But even with the correct key the anti-lock coating needs to be scraped off or they are too stiff to screw into the dropouts. I also shortened the stays, you have to be very careful not to remove too much, and it's very tricky to align the fenders. They are better than some of the flimsy plastic aftermarket alternatives, but for the price and from Specialized, I expected a much better design. Would I buy again? Not if I could find a better alternative - which I couldn't at the time. (Posted on 04/12/2015)
Specialized Plug and Play Fender Set V2 ReviewReview by JR
First up, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op were great - item was out of stock so they immediately refunded me and let me know as soon as it was in stock, allowing me to re-order. Postage was swift as well. On to the mudguards - possibly the worst thing I've ever bought! Easier if I just list the issues: 1) Instructions are rubbish 2) They appear to be designed for no particular bike in the range 3) I had to cut the supporting 'arms' with a hacksaw as they were far too long, making fitting impossible 4) The set screws supplied are total junk as they are of such poor quality that no allen key on earth will actually fit, meaning you cannot tighten them up (and they are covered in anti vibration compound which is fine except that makes it even harder to fit them considering no allen key actually fits) 5) I actually had to buy some replacement set screws via ebay to allow me to fit them at all 6) I cut the 'arms' slightly too short on the rear mudguard as the whole process of fitting them was so awkward I should add that I've spent my entire career working within maintenance & engineering and I know my way around these sorts of tasks. It still took me a frustrating 2 hours to fit them. Now they are on they look fine - but my god you better really want these if you are going to buy them. (Posted on 22/11/2015)

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