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Specialized MYTH Sport Women's Saddle


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Product Details

Specialized MYTH Sport Women's Saddle

The Specialized MYTH Sport Women's Saddle is made for mountain biking, perfect for recreation/commuting too.

  • The saddle's low-friction synthetic leather cover makes it easy to change position.
  • That's a good thing because being able to slide back and forward helps keep you centered when mountain biking.
  • Being free to move on and off the saddle improves pedalling efficiency and keeps you dynamically engaged when riding the trails.
  • Level 3 padding: the extra padding helps damp 'buzz' from rutted trails.
  • Light, super-durable steel rails guarantee longevity.
  • Proven Body Geometry design - the cutaway running down the middle reduces pressure.
  • SWAT-compatible mounts moulded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
  • 155mm wide - not too narrow, not too wide. The perfect size for most women.
  • Weight 333g - checked at Bike Co-op HQ in January 2016

'The Myth Sport is the perfect saddle choice for any woman's mountain bike. The broad, flat shape allows for added rider control, while low-friction material on the nose and tail makes moving on and off the saddle stress free.'

Specialized Body Geometry Women's Saddles
Specialized BG (Body Geometry) saddles have been among the world's best selling women's saddles since their introduction in the late 1990s. And probably deservedly so. When you sit on a conventional bicycle saddle, pressure on the labia can cause discomfort.

Working with sports' scientist, Roger Minkow, Specialized addressed this issue by producing their BG (Body Geometry) range of saddles. BG saddles come in a comprehensive range of styles to suit every budget and every style of riding. The one factor that defines Body Geometry is the fact that every BG saddle has a cutaway section in the middle, which Specialized call the V-groove AKA The Minkow Wedge. Having nothing there reduces pressure to such a degree, the University of Cologne studies concluded that riding on a Body Geometry saddle was as safe and benign as sitting on a padded armchair.