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Specialized Body Geometry Comfort Saddle

Specialized Body Geometry Comfort Saddle

  • Specialized Body Geometry Comfort bicycle saddle.
  • Clinically proven to reduce pressure.
  • A wider Specialized Body Geometry saddle.

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Product Description


Specialized Body Geometry Comfort Saddle

Are you sitting comfortably? If not, first place to look is Body Geometry - Specialized's range of saddles, which they have been developing over the past 15 years, each one clinically tested to reduce pressure and enhance riding comfort.

  • Proven Body Geometry design - the saddle has a cutaway running down the middle, which takes pressure from the crotch and shifts it to the sit-bones.
  • The saddle's Comfort Core supports the skeletal system from the base up.
  • Plush foam cushioning where you need it the most - at the sit bones.
  • The lightweight synthetic leather cover looks good and it's water resistant, so it doesn't object to being left out in the rain.
  • Vacuum formed construction creates a durable and waterproof saddle.
  • 18cm wide.

'The Body Geometry Comfort with Comfort Core technology is ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to provide unmatched comfort and support while reducing pressure on soft tissue.'

Specialized Body Geometry Saddles
Specialized BG (Body Geometry) saddles have been the world's best sellers since their introduction in the late 1990s. And probably deservedly so. When you sit on a conventional bicycle saddle, pressure on the perineum compresses sensitive penile nerves and arteries. This can reduces blood flow by as much as 75% according to clinical studies conducted at the University of Cologne. Pressure on the perineum can cause saddle-induced numbness, soreness, and in the worst cases, temporary impotence. Bicycle saddles are a serious business, guys.

Working with sports' scientist, Roger Minkow, Specialized addressed these issues by developing their BG (Body Geometry) saddle range. BG saddles come in a comprehensive range of styles to suit every budget and every style of riding. The one factor that defines Body Geometry is the fact that every BG saddle has a cutaway section in the middle, which Specialized call the V-groove AKA The Minkow Wedge. Having nothing there reduces perineal pressure to such a degree, the University of Cologne studies concluded that riding on a Body Geometry saddle was as safe and benign as sitting on a padded armchair.


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