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Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder

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Product Details

Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder

Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder is the energy drink powder previously known as SIS PSP22.

Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder is made to exactly the same formula that made PSP22 legendary in cycling circles.

We reckon Science in Sport changed the name because of people's natural aversion to speaking in initials. 'I'd like some SIS PSP22, please,' sounds like some sort of weird code.

Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder tells it like it is.

'Science in Sport Go Energy Drink Powder is a high energy carbohydrate drink to help fuel before and during training or racing:

  • Approx 50 grams of carbohydrate per serving
  • Easy to digest
  • Ideal as part your carbohydrate loading regime

About SiS GO Energy

SiS GO Energy provides an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy. SiS GO Energy is designed to be versatile so it can be mixed at various concentrations that are suited to your needs. As such, SiS GO Energy can be consumed as part of your carbohydrate loading strategy in the days and hours prior to your training or race whereby 48 grams of carbohydrate are delivered per serving. Alternatively, SiS GO Energy can be consumed during exercise itself in order to provide both energy and fluid.

Why should I take SiS GO Energy?

It is well documented that one of the major causes of fatigue in endurance exercise is depletion of our carbohydrate energy stores. As early as the 1960s, sports scientists therefore developed carbohydrate loading strategies whereby athletes increase the amount of carbohydrate they consume in the days leading up to their event in order to increase our store of muscle glycogen. SiS GO Energy therefore provides a highly practical solution to achieve increased carbohydrate intake (and helps complement high carbohydrate food intake) in order to boost our muscle glycogen stores prior to training or racing. SiS GO Energy can also be consumed during exercise to provide a quick supply of energy to ensure additional carbohydrate delivery during exercise. Finally, SiS GO Energy could also be consumed after training or racing in order to help promote recovery of muscle glycogen stores so that you are fuelled and ready for your next hard training session or race.

Recommended Usage

As part of your carbohydrate loading strategy, consume up to 4 servings per day with or between meals to help complement a high carbohydrate intake from food sources. To further boost muscle glycogen stores prior to exercise, SiS GO Energy could also be consumed with SiS GO Bars. To provide both optimal energy and hydration during exercise,SiS GO Electrolyte is superior to SIS GO Energy.'
Science in Sport.

Having quoted Science in Sport, PSP22 had an interesting back story which shouldn't get lost. This is how we described it.

Science in Sport PSP22
The perfect drink before (carbo loading), during (muscle fuel) and after (recovery) exercise

So called because it was the 22nd (and best) formula SIS company founder, Pete Slater, trialed in his quest to formulate the perfect energy drink - hence Pete Slater's Powder (PSP) 22. This drink powder offers a sustained, easily-absorbed energy boost you can use before (carbo loading), during (muscle fuel) and after (recovery) exercise. PSP22 is superficially similar to SIS GO powder (it's also 98% maltodextrin).

  • Unlike SIS GO powder, PSP22 contains no salts, so you can safely drink a more concentrated solution of PSP22.
  • Because it's light on the stomach, PSP22 is perfect for carboloading, be it before a race or simply to prepare for a longer-than-usual bike ride.
  • Similarly, the fact that it's easy to stomach means that PSP22 can be knocked back immediately after exercise to help speed recovery.
  • Scientifically developed and proven, SIS worked with Chris Boardman in the 1990s to develop this powder.
  • PSP22 famously fueled Chris when he broke the Hour Record.

Science in Sport Overview
SIS only make sports food, and they make it in house, so they can guarantee that all their powders are drug free. That's significant. The majority of sports drinks are made by drug companies, so there's always the risk of a pinch of banned substance making its way into your seemingly-innocuous isotonic drink. As high-profile cases have shown, the slightest trace of illegal stimulant might lead to bans, persecution and prosecution, even in amateur sport.