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OTE Caffeine Gel

OTE Caffeine Gel

  • OTE Caffeine Gel
  • An energy gel that is lighter on the stomach
  • 'Best in Test. 9/10.' Cycling Active magazine

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Product Description


OTE Caffeine Gel

Energy gels are used by pro athletes when they require ‘instant' energy during exercise.

OTE gels stand out for their easier-to-swallow light consistency and their natural fruit flavours.

OTE estimate one gel can deliver the energy required to fuel 20-30 minutes of exercise.

Added caffeine for extra stimulation - this is one power-packed sachet worth carrying in your back pocket lest your energy levels ever wane.

  • Less gloppy than most gels, OTE Energy Gel is lighter on the stomach.
  • Easy to swallow on the move.
  • Made with with real fruit concentrates, OTE Energy Gel has a growing following for being a more palatable gel
  • The light and refreshing pineapple taste makes it easy to consume during your workout.
  • Even the DualDelivery packaging is clever. Two rows of perforations, one longer than the other, lets you choose between gulping and sipping this gel.
  • This gel sachet provides 50mg of caffeine (sourced naturally from the Guarana plant) to provide just the right amount for mental stimulation during your workout, without causing anxiety or reduced performance.
  • Ask any coffee addict. Caffeine is a naturally-occurring stimulant.
  • OTE means On The Edge
  • OTE is the official nutrition partner of the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team and Team Lotto Jumbo.
  • OTE energy foods are 100% researched, designed, developed, manufactured and tested in Great Britain.

Nutritional breakdown

One 56g OTE Caffeine Gel contains

  • 349kJ / 82Kcal energy
  • 20.5g carbohydrate of which 4.8g are sugars
  • 50mg caffeine
  • 28mg salt (11.2mg sodium, 0.79mg magnesium)
  • Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free diets

The OTE Energy System
OTE themselves suggest 'refuelling during training sessions of up to 60 minutes isn't necessary if your diet and pre-exercise meals contain sufficient carbohydrate; just ensure you remain hydrated prior to exercise.'

It's when you're out longer that you might have to replenish your energy stores on the move and that's where OTE's easily portable nutrition comes into its own.

OTE drinks, gels and bars are designed to be used ‘modularly' to help you achieve an optimal fuelling and hydration balance. To this end, OTE bars and gels contain multiples of 20g servings of carbohydrates,

For a steady workout, OTE recommend consuming 40g carbohydrate an hour. That's two small bananas worth.

OTE can supply 40g carbohydrate in a more compact, portable format via a 43g sachet of their energy drink in 500ml water, or two OTE Energy Gels or two OTE Sports Bars.

For a brisk workout, OTE recommend consuming 60g carbohydrate an hour which OTE can supply via one energy drink + a gel, or one energy drink + half an energy bar.

For a hard workout, OTE recommend consuming 70g carbohydrate an hour.

OTE Caffeine Gel Review
' OTE wanted to create the best tasting caffeine gel and it seems to be on to a winner. Its pineapple gel is made using natural flavours, and contains real fruit as well as electrolytes to help combat dehydration. Each gel - which is extremely thin in consistency - contains 50mg of caffeine, which is naturally occurring in guarana, and has 20.5g of carbohydrates, so it will give you an energy boost too. Verdict: Light on the stomach, full of carbohydrates and caffeine. Best in Test. 9/10.'

Cycling Active magazine.

OTE is a UK company staffed by sports nutrition specialists such as Ironman triathlete Pete Slater who made his name as a founder of SIS (Science in Sport) in the 1990s and is credited as the man who formulated energy drinks for Chris Boardman in his heyday. You can be confident that OTE know what they are doing.


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