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Nikwax Basewash

Nikwax Basewash

  • Nikwax Basewash
  • Specially formulated for washing synthetic base layers
  • Keeps you base layers clean, soft, and odour resistant

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Product Description

Nikwax Basewash

Farewell to smelly Helly. Nikwax Basewash is specifically formulated to clean, refresh, soften and deodorise synthetic base layer clothing.

Nikwax Basewash effectively cleans, deodorises, inhibits the build up of body odours, accelerates drying and improves the cooling efficiency of synthetic base layers.

Why use Nikwax Basewash instead of conventional household detergents?
Using conventional household detergents and fabric conditioners will impair the wicking properties of base layer fabrics. Standard household detergents do not stop odours from building up in the fabric when in use. Conventional fabric conditioners leave hydrophobic (water-hating) residues that will reduce the performance of the fabric, preventing it from wicking moisture and working to its maximum potential.

An analogy
A poorly washed or unwashed technical garment will perform as badly as an un-lubricated, rusty bicycle chain. Use Nikwax and your base layers, merino tops and breathable shells will perform like new.

Nikwax was founded by a Londoner called Nick Brown whose first product was a waterproofing wax for hiking boots. Hence the name Nikwax. This was in 1977 - the year the Bike Co-op started. Still based in Britain, the Nikwax range has evolved over the years. The company is now recognised as the global leader in producing safe, high-performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning solutions for outdoor gear.