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M:part Front Low Rider Rack With Mounting Brackets and Hoop

M:part Front Low Rider Rack With Mounting Brackets and Hoop

  • M:Part Front Low Rider Rack
  • Proven front pannier rack for bicycles
  • Takes a pair of front panniers

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Delivery: 21/04/2018


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Product Description


M:Part Front Low Rider Rack

The M:Part Front Low Rider Rack is made for mounting a pair of panniers to the front of the bike.

  • Good quality anodised aluminium aluminium construction for light weight, corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Fits forks with rack eyelets on its dropouts.
  • Supplied with a pair of fixing clamps, which are mounted halfway up the fork legs.
  • Fits fork legs up to 24mm diameter - the M:Part Front Low Rider Rack fits most hybrid and touring bikes and some mountain bikes.
  • Supplied with mounting hardware.
  • Weight: 565g - based upon weighing one M:Part Front Low Rider Rack at Bike Co-op HQ in April 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.

Low-rider front racks
The low-rider front rack concept was popularised by Jim Blackburn. His theory was that that you can carry a surprising amount up front without compromising the bike's stability if most of the weight is below the front hub.

Although they are less popular than rear racks, front racks have a lot to commend them.

  • Spreading the load between front and rear wheels makes the bike better balanced than carrying everything on the back.
  • It puts less weight on the back wheel (which is already supporting most of yours).
  • If you carry a childseat on the back, the only place left to carry stuff might be on a front rack.


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Product Questions

Product Questions

Hey there,

I bought the Revolution country explorer touring bike a couple years ago and wonder if this front pannier rack will fit with the disk brakes sticking out.

Thanks for your advice!