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M:part Front Low Rider Rack Braze on

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Product Details

M:Part Front Low Rider Braze On Rack

'Braze On' means this front rack is made for bikes with the appropriate Low Rider eyelets half way up the fork legs.

  • Good quality anodised aluminium construction for corrosion resistance, light weight and strength.
  • This rack only fits forks with two sets of rack eyelets on each leg: one at the dropout and the other halfway up the fork leg.
  • Each side of the rack is dual railed at the top - one rail is secured to the inside of the fork leg, the other (pannier bearing) rail to the outside of the fork leg.
  • This dual rail is held in place with a single nut and bolt through the fork leg.
  • This arrangement means that the M:Part Front Low Rider Braze On Rack can only be fitted to forks that are drilled halfway up, on both the inside and the outside, of each leg.
  • What's more, these fork leg eyelets should be unthreaded.
  • This rack will not fit fork legs, which are threaded and drilled on just one side.
  • Supplied with mounting hardware.
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes.
  • Weight: 520g , based upon weighing one M:Part Front Low Rider Rack Braze On inc. hardware at Bike Co-op HQ in May 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.

Low-rider front racks
The low-rider front rack concept is based on the theory that that you can carry a surprising amount up front without compromising the bike's stability if you keep most of the weight below the front hub.

Although they are less popular than rear racks, front racks have a lot to commend them.

Spreading the load between front and rear wheels makes the bike better balanced than carrying everything on the back.
  • It puts less weight on the back wheel (which is already supporting most of yours).
  • If you carry a childseat on the back, the only place left to carry stuff might be on a front rack.