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Marzocchi Marathon SL Ecc '03

Marzocchi Marathon SL Ecc '03

Upgraded with ECC for easier climbing

No Longer Available

Product Description

Upgraded with ECC for easier climbing.

  • Travel: 85 or 105mm.
  • Damping: dual hydraulic compression & rebound cartridge damping. Open bath lubrication.
  • Adjustability: ECC5 - 5-position Extension Control Cartridge limits extension for easier climbing. External positive & negative air preload via air adapter.
  • Spring: Doppio Air.
  • New design superlight forged 'M' crown cryofit design.
  • 30mm alloy stanchions.
  • Alloy steerer.
  • Magnesium Monolite 1-piece arch & lower legs.
  • Dropouts: standard.
  • International standard disc mount.
  • Colour: White.

Marzocchi Glossary
Over recent years, Marzocchi Bombers have built a reputation among the Edinburgh Bicycle riders and mechanics as the most reliable fork out there. Here's why.

  • Bigger seals and bushings prevents ingress of nasties. In fact Bombers are so well sealed, they don't always feel as smooth as their competitor's when they're brand new. After a few weeks however, the Marzocchi Bomber reveals itself as buttery smooth, and it remains so ride after ride.
  • Open Bath System- oil is used as a lubricant, damping fluid and coolant in both legs to reduce friction and ensure long term performance and durability. Based on Marzocchi's experience of manufacturing hydraulic motorcycle forks for half a century, every Marzocchi Bomber fork is oil damped, oil lubricated and oil cooled. Oil completely coats the surface between stanchion tube and bushing to provide a slick surface for the 2 parts to glide between. Match this slippery action with Marzocchi's compression damping control and you get a fork that is supple over ripple bumps and resistant to bottoming.
  • SSV means Speed Sensitive Valve. Oil flows through the valves at a slow rate over small bumps, and at a progressively faster rate over bigger bumps. This makes the fork active over the smallest bump, and ramps up the damping for bigger bumps
  • SSVF means Speed Sensitive Valve Floating - i.e. a specially designed Floating Valve instantly lets oil flow through the first valve circuit. This offers greater initial bump sensitivity. As oil flow becomes faster, the floating valve provides more oil flow resistance and hence more damping performance. The SSVF system uses an external knob to control rebound.
  • Magnesium Powerwrap M-Arch: Not only is it lighter and stiffer than a conventional brake bridge, you will appreciate the March for its sheer Italian elegance.
  • HSCV means High Speed Compression Valve. This instantly adjusts the compression damping so your fork is always ready for that next jump or sharp-edged bump.
  • Magnesium Monolite - Marzocchi's one-piece lower-leg assembly not only looks the business, it's low weight allows the fork to react quicker whenever it encounters a bump.
  • Cyrofit Crown: Marzocchi's unique process of joining the stanchions and crown is lighter weight and stronger than traditional bolted or bonded designs.
  • ECC5 means Extension Control Cartridge. This is a 5-stage rebound lock-out system. On setting 1, rebound speed is at its fastest - recommended for downhilling. At setting 3 or 4 the rebound speed becomes slower - perfect for climbing when you want suspension with less bobbing. At setting 5, the rebound is completely locked out and the suspension stays compressed. This reduces the front-end height and makes it easier to weight the front wheel. This helps eliminate front-end wheelies.
  • ETA takes the ECC concept further. When you lock out the rebound, you still get 30mm travel to take the edge off small bumps.
  • QR20-Pro axle - a 20mm axle in the oversized dropouts means more contact area between dropout and hub, hence it's stiffer, stronger and it delivers more accurate tracking. The QR20-Pro axle combines the improved stiffness of a 20mm axle matched with the convenience of quick release.