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Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2

Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2

  • Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2
  • Lezyne Flex Hose with in-line 0-120psi pressure gauge
  • Upgrade your old Lezyne with this new bicycle pump connector

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Product Description


Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2

Featuring an integrated pressure gauge and an ABS (Air Bleed System) hose, this is Lezyne's best ever Flex Hose.

That's quite a claim when you consider Lezyne built their good name upgrading and effectively reinventing what was once that most humble cycle accessory - the pump hose.

Like ever Lezyne flex hose, this Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2 is made in a significantly more robust rubber for assured leak-free performance, and it features a machined, screw-on Presta connector on one side and a Schrader connector on the other to ensure secure connection to near-any bike valve.

Many of Lezyne's latest and most advanced pumps are now coming with this ABS Pen Gauge V2 Flex Hose. This video demonstrates this innovation in action.


Supplying this Pen Gauge pump connector as a spare part enables you to upgrade your old Lezyne pump to one with a pressure gauge and ABS.

  • The Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2's pressure gauge measures up to 120psi so it takes the guesswork out of inflation.
  • This Pen Gauge hose replaces the Flex Hose supplied with your Lezyne pump.
  • The Pen Gauge pump connector fits inside the handle of the pump the same way as the original Flex Hose.
  • Fits inside medium or large size Lezyne pumps - not small ones.
  • Air Bleed System - once your tyre is inflated, you can press the ABS button to release air pressure from the hose, thus reducing the risk of air escaping when you unscrew the Lezyne ABS Pen Gauge V2 pump connector hose.


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