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Kryptonite R2 Retractor Pocket Combo Cable Lock


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Product Details

Kryptonite R2 Retractor Pocket Combo Cable Lock

The Kryptonite R2 Retractor Pocket Combo Cable Lock is an especially elegant cafe lock.

Being a combination lock, that's one less key to concern yourself with.

This 2.4mm-thick vinyl-coated twisted steel cable wouldn't deter a tooled-up thief, but it should be enough to prevent an opportunist wheeling or riding the bike away when you leave it briefly unattended outside a shop or cafe.

Alternatively, this Pocket Cable Lock can augment a D-lock to make, say, your quick release wheels more secure.

  • The cable is stored inside its case till you need it - then you pull out the required length of cable, tape measure style.
  • You then click fix the cable's reinforced lock-head to its dock at the other side of the case.
  • When you unlock it, press the button and the cable retracts - again tape measure style.
  • The 4-digit combination is resettable.
  • The cable is 90 cm long and 2.4mm-thick.
  • Measuring just 10 x7cm and weighing only 95g, this is an eminently back pocketable lock.