9th November 2016

Win an Oxford Aqua 20L waterproof rucsac

33 comments on “Win an Oxford Aqua 20L waterproof rucsac

  1. Rowan Stevenson on

    If my son isn’t wet enough from rowing at university, he could cycle home in the dark with his wet kit remaining dry in this bag which would help him be seen on dark mornings and nights.

  2. Jacqueline Taylor on

    I’m a community nurse and am commited to cycle more often on home visits. This rucksack would be perfect for keeping my ‘tools of the trade’ in condition. It would also get me noticed, for safety purposes!

  3. Jax Mcqueen on

    Super cool backpack…..I clothe myself in ‘night vision’ from head to toe apart from my bag….this would be perfect and ultra seeable!

  4. Alexandra Sayles on

    A bag that keeps my work stuff dry on my commute would make me so happy…only another cyclist would understand!! And the same bag helps keep me visible – if I don’t win it I’ll have to ask Santa for one 🙂

  5. Andrew Spring on

    i commute ten miles a day and my faithful courier bag has just given up the ghost. this would be a great replacement…..hopefully!

  6. Yvonne Anderson on

    Over the winter months my commute to work involves cycling on quiet, unlit back roads so this rucksack would be ideal to keep my workclothes dry and help me be seen by other road users.

  7. Amy verney on

    Wow amazing would log log win one for my father in law always out with his bag and bike but his bag must be over 20 years old now so a nice new one would be lovely


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