10th December 2017

Find a Golden Ticket and win back the price of your kids bike

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Buy a kids’ bike from us this festive season and we’ll reward you with our famous Elf Certificates and perhaps one of the 200 Golden Tickets we’re giving away.

Each Golden Ticket is a voucher for a specific prize. The prize could be anything from a set of lights to a voucher that entitles you to a free puncture repair – just the ticket for that poor bike left abandoned in the shed because it has a flat tyre.

Five Extra Special Golden Tickets

Best of all, five of the Elf Certificates will come with an extra special golden ticket, offering a full refund on the price of the bike you’ve ordered.

So remember: If you buy a kids’ bike from us, open the envelope with care. You might be in luck.

Elf Certificate

Even if you don’t find a Golden Ticket, the bike will definitely come with one of our proven-to-delight Elf-assembled certificates.

christmas kids bike certificate

“This is to certify that your bike has officially been Elf assembled.” by Jolly Stable-Liza, Elf No. 10351

Reserve any kids’ bike for £10

If you’ve got your eye on a kids’ bike but you don’t want to buy it outright because you don’t have the storage space or you’re waiting for pay day, you can reserve it with £10 in store or by speaking to our Online Team in the chat box on our site.

What are the other prizes?

We’re glad you asked. You can win a number of:

Crazy Stuff Bells (RRP £6.99) [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Crazy Stuff Bell

Oxford Brighteye Birdie Lights (RRP £9.99 for a pair)

Oxford birdie lights

A free puncture repair plus new inner tube (labour + tube worth £12)

specialized inner tube

Frog Hoodies (RRP £25) – sizes available for 3 year olds to 12+ year olds

frog hoodie for a child

Oxford Slap Straps (RRP £2.99)

Slap Strap for cycling

What else does the Bicycle Co-op have to offer?

The Best Kids’ Bikes

Frog Bikes

Frog 55 kids bike in orange

Frog are easily our best-selling kids’ bikes. Here, the Frog 55 in orange.

Frog bikes have only been around three years and they’ve already established themselves as Britain’s kids’ bike specialists.

Lighter weight, better equipped and available in more colours and sizes without costing significantly more than the competition, Frog make children’s bikes that kids love to ride.

Whether you’re looking for a Frog balance bike, a Frog street bike or a Frog road bike, we’re pretty confident we’ll have it in the size your young ‘un needs.

Fantastic Colour Choice

Just as important, because Frog do each bike model in a choice of up to eight colours there’s a good chance we’ll have it in your kid’s favourite.

For the full story of this great British kids’ bike company, go to our Frog Blog.


Ridgeback are another British company that do one thing really well: They make kids’ bikes that are lighter weight and therefore so much easier, safer and more fun to ride.


Prefer a proper kids mountain bike or road bike? The Genesis Core 26 off and the excellent Genesis Beta CX 26 are now at least 25% off, boasting specs that would make a lot of adult bikes blush.

Whyte 403 & 405

Our two Whyte kid’s mountain bikes have some seriously advanced specs – hydraulic disc brakes, 1×8 wide range gearing and Whyte’s trademark trail geometry – makes them especially recommended for youngsters around 8-12 years old who show a real interest in getting into the sport.


A kids’ bike should be small enough to ride safely and manoeuvre: big enough to offer years of growth. Our sales people are trained to help steer you towards choosing the bike that fits best, both in store and online. If you’re unable to visit a shop, you may want to phone our Online Team on 0345 257 0808 or write to enquiries@edinburghbicycle.com for the perfect fit. Otherwise, feel free to read up on kids bike sizing.

All Bikes Fully Assembled In-house

We are a flatpack-free zone. We guarantee that every kid’s bike we sell is assembled and checked over with the same care and attention we would devote to an adult bike.

After Sales Service

Again, as with our adult bikes, we offer a free post-sale checkover on every kids’ bike to ensure it remains in tip-top adjustment after your young ‘un has put it through its paces.

Try one in store in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Aberdeen

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  1. Yocksan bell on


    I bought the revolution 24 explorer a couple of weeks ago for my daughters Christmas. I now see you are offering the chocolate bar and the elf assembled certificate…. Any chance I could also get these extras for her.

    Yocksan bell

    • Web Master on

      Hi there,

      I’m sure we can sort something out for you. Would you be able to send your name and postcode to our Online Shop on enquiries@edinburghbicycle.com, as well as your original message? Just to ensure they get the full picture and we don’t get our wires crossed. 🙂


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