1st November 2019

Whyte Winchelsea with Fazua Motor

Whyte Winchelsea | Fazua EvationCo-op member Ross took the new Whyte Winchelsea – which has a Fazua motor – for a demo and talks through what his thoughts are:

A little about the Whyte Winchelsea

The Whyte Winchelsea is the new road plus E-bike with Fazua motor and battery that fit neatly into the down tube of the bike eliminating the bulky bottom bracket area common on most other E-bikes. To keep weight down, it is supplied with a 252wH battery and the motor capable of supplying up to 60Nm of torque for that little bit of help up the hills.

See more about the bike here.

Whyte Winchelsea | Fazua Evation

Whyte Winchelsea | Fazua Evation

My Thoughts on the Whyte Winchelsea and the Fazua Motor

I decided to put the Winchelsea through its paces on my 30 mile round trip commute. The first thing you notice is how sleek the bike looks and how easy it is to remove both the battery and Fazua motor (so when you no longer require assistance you can buy the battery cover and ride it as a non e-bike). What I enjoyed about the actual commute was the boost of power you get when starting off and it is very easy to get up to speed quickly.

You can learn more about the Fazua motor here.

 Whyte Winchelsea | Fazua Evation

Who would I recommend the Whyte Winchelsea to?

– People who want a bike for a bit of help up the hills when loaded up with bike packing equipment.
– Those who want a comfortable bike for roads (although in Scotland the roads feel like off-roads) and gravel and forest tracks.
– Commuters who want to take the edge off the hills but still want to do most of the work.
– People who want to get into cycling to get fit who feel they need the assistance to begin with but will taper this down and eventually buy the battery cover and ride the bike without battery/motor as a non e-bike.

Want to know more?

The Whyte Winchelsea is available to demo so you can try it for yourself. A great way to decide whether this is the right bike for you. Book your demo now.

Whyte Winchelsea | Fazua Evation

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