17th June 2016

Whyte Out: Why We’re Selling Out of Our 2016 Whyte Mountain Bike Hardtails

whyte mountain bike hardtails 2016

Whyte have let us know they’ve completely sold out of their most popular 2016 MTBs. If you want to enjoy summer on one of these hard-to-get hardtails, we strongly advise you to place your order now while we still have decent stock in most sizes.

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Why do Whyte mountain bikes sell out?

“If there are any bike manufacturers reading this test who want to know how to make the humble hardtail better, Whyte has already done the hard yards, so just copy.”  – MTB Magazine

Whyte mountain bikes come with the best recommendation of all – word of mouth. There’s a growing consensus that if you want the best hardtail for UK riding conditions, a Whyte has to be your first choice. Whyte owners are so amazed what they can do on these bikes, they tell their riding buddies. They buy Whytes too. The result? Whyte can’t produce enough bikes to keep up with demand.

What makes Whyte hardtails so desirable?

Whyte bikes are conceived in the Cotswolds by real-life riders with 15-plus years expertise creating mountain bikes built for the most extreme UK conditions.


Perhaps most important of all, Whyte have totally nailed MTB frame geometry.

The relaxed head tube angle (66.5˚ degrees on the 901 and 905) makes a Whyte hardtail more stable – especially when combined with a long front centre, which positions the front wheel further forward, so you’re far less likely to be bundled over the bars on steep downhills.

Dubbed ‘progressive geometry’ this formula inspires confidence whether you’re a mountain bike beginner or an expert class rider looking to perform to the absolute limits of your ability. For more on why we love Whyte, see our blog.

Final word from MBR magazine

We’re used to seeing great reviews for Whyte bikes but the recommendation for the Whyte 901 (now also in magenta) in the January 2016 edition of MBR (Mountain Bike Rider) is probably the strongest endorsement you’ve ever read for a hardtail. MBR’s radical verdict was that the only way Whyte’s rivals could begin to match the ride quality of this bike would be to copy its progressive geometry.

‘If there are any bike manufacturers reading this test who want to know how to make the humble hardtail better, Whyte has already done the hard yards, so just copy.’
See full 10/10 review.

Get 15% back in kit – but only until 30 June 2016

Order a 2016 Whyte (or any other 2016 adult bike) up to 30 June and it qualifies for our FREE15 offer. That is, we’ll reward you with your choice of kit to the value of 15% of the price of the bike.

Buying a Whyte 905 RS qualifies you for £239.85 worth of prime kit. That’s enough to pay for upgrading the tyres to tubeless with perhaps a Maxxis High Roller II Folding 3C Exo TR (£43.99) on the back, a Specialized Purgatory Control 2BR Tyre (£30) on the front, a pair of valve stems (£15) and two tubes of sealant (£4). This will still leave you with change to pick up a pair of 5TEN Freerider Shoes (£72), a pair of Endura MT500 Spray Baggy Shorts (£61.74) and a 2-pack of Solo Luxury Socks (£12).

Whyte Full Suspension

Whyte, of course, originally made their name for being one of the first companies to get full suspension mountain bikes just right, so their full sus models are also selling out. For instance, we are down to our very last Whyte T-130 S (size small only).

However, we’ve heard the 2017 models are not too far away (due in August). To ensure you’re among the first to find out when they do arrive, please make sure you are signed up to our email news.

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