9th July 2018

Why We’re a Whyte Bikes Stockist

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Great British design – for the Great British weather

When Jon Whyte graduated from engineering Formula 1 Grand Prix-winning car suspension to designing championship-winning full suspension mountain bikes in the 1990s, he was so bemused by how quickly MTB parts wore out in those days, he complained to Shimano. To their credit, Shimano took Jon’s comments so seriously, they sent their people over from Japan to find out how British cyclists managed to waste components so much faster than riders in other countries.

Shimano’s research led them to the conclusion that our typically wet, acid soil is probably the most abrasive terrain on earth for mountain biking. This inspired Jon Whyte to design bikes that can survive and thrive in this country.

Whyte Bikes Quad 2 Suspension

Whyte Bikes Quad 2 Suspension

The picture above of Whyte’s Quad 2 suspension demonstrates how he went about it. Note how the rear shock’s snug placement, surrounded by frame tubes, effectively shelters it from wheel spray. Check the precision CNC-machined linkages which prevent play and therefore contribute to shock longevity to such a degree, Whyte (uniquely) offer a lifetime guarantee on every pivot bearing of every full suspension bike they produce.

Technology – performance by design

“We see ourselves as a riders’ brand. When we give experienced cyclists a Whyte to try out, they almost always ‘get it’ immediately”

Ian Alexander, Chief Designer, Whyte Bikes

Jon Whyte retired in 2006. He left the company that retains his name in the good hands of his former partner, Ian Alexander, who has taken Whyte’s passion for UK-proof design to the next level.

In particular, Whyte has championed ‘new school’ geometry, specifically designed for UK technical terrain (compare with the majority of MTBs, primarily designed for the long, smooth fire roads most U.S. mountain bikers ride). Whyte’s philosophy of slacker head angles and low centre of gravity inspire total confidence on technical descents. Coupled to long top tubes and short stems the steering is intuitive, totally engaging and never sluggish. If you want to know what else Whyte does to make their bikes so unique, you can read more here.

Whyte Ridgeway 2018 Hybrid Bike

Whyte Ridgeway Hybrid Bike

Whyte aren’t just about mountain bikes. Back around 2005, they hit upon the idea that if you ‘urbanised’ a Whyte hardtail with rigid forks and slick tyres, its long cockpit, its fast handling, its powerful disc brakes and its UK-proof design made it perfect for city cycling. No wonder Whyte are now our fastest-growing supplier of both mountain bikes and commuter/hybrids.

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The big question – what sets Whyte apart?

Whyte bike’s chief designer, Ian Alexander, replied ‘We see ourselves as a riders’ brand. When we give experienced cyclists a Whyte to try out, they almost always ‘get it’ immediately. We have always been confident that Whyte bikes offer the best ride in Britain. However, we were especially gratified when we exhibited at the 2010 Eurobike trade show, European cyclists came to our stand and commented that the design and the geometry of Whyte bikes made them equally perfect for the wilds of Slovenia, Scandinavia, Spain, France…They understood that bikes built for UK technical terrain will excel anywhere on Earth.’

Whyte 905

Whyte 905 – like all Whyte bikes it was designed for the UK but excels around the world

Do you ride a Whyte bike? Let us know in the comments below what you think.

5 comments on “Why We’re a Whyte Bikes Stockist

  1. Alex Thomson on

    Hi there,
    I have just purchased a whyte 801 2014 and am absolutely over the moon with it! I have never ridden such a fast bike! It handles brilliantly on all the x country terrain I’ve ridden over, the 27.5″ wheels are great for smoothing out a few bumps and roll brilliantly and as for downhill?? The bike just keeps picking up speed and doesn’t let up (unless you brake of course).my friend has bought a cotic which is a great bike but is no match speed wise. I leave him for dust! It really is a fantastic bike and highly recommended!

  2. Iain Oakley on

    Had my whyte 603 for just over 2 weeks now, great budget bike which handles like a dream. looking forward to testing her out on dalby forest soon.

  3. Scott on

    I bought my T-129s in 2014 and have been absolutely delighted by it. I suffered one issue with my swing arm but got straight in touch with Whyte who were first class in helping me fix the problem. My bike is only now starting to need a couple of replacement parts….pretty much two years later!

  4. James R Bird on

    Bought a Whyte Sussex in the sale last year. Fabulous bike. 5000 mile later I still like it. Long rides, short rides great ride.
    I am 69 and I beat some youngsters up the Pass of Glencoe from Crianlairich and Bridge of Orchy to the top at the Pass of Glencoe .
    And comfortable -YES

  5. Jake on

    I have a Whyte T-129 and its been an amazingly fun bike to ride. The best thing about this bike is its all round nature. I’ve ridden it at almost every trail centre in the UK and without fail its handled everything I’ve thrown at it. You can keep the pedals turning through the most bumpy singletrack, and marrying this with the 29er wheels, my average rolling speed has increased a great deal. I do get through the travel (120mm) fairly regularly on some of the black graded and downhill trails though so its not a gravity bike, it does handle big descents well though and you’d be surprised what it can roll through. I think I’ll be upgrading to the longer travel 29er in the range soon! Love Whyte


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