What’s so great about Shimano 1×10 gearing?

Shimano 1x10 gearing

  • Shimano 1×10 offers most of the benefits of 1×11 in a more affordable format.
  • Thanks to its wide-range 10-speed cassette, you get a massive gear range in a simplified format comprising a single shifter, a single gear mech and a single chainring
  • Doing away with the front derailleur, the LH shifter and one or two chainrings means less weight, less complication and less to go wrong
  • The 1×10 transmission delivers benefits any cyclist can appreciate
  • With a single lever, gear shifting becomes immediately more straightforward
  • The beginner will be spared learning what they have to push or pull on each lever to get into a lower or higher gear
Even massively experienced cyclists appreciate 1x simplicity
  • No more ‘double shifting’ to get in the right gear
  • The chainring features alternating thick/thin teeth which mesh more accurately with the corresponding wide space between the chain’s outer links and the narrower space between the chain’s inner links so it virtually eliminates the possibility of a dropped chain, as does the Shimano Shadow Plus rear mech whose chain stabilising switch helps prevent chain bounce