24th June 2016

What does a cycling jersey do?

lance armstrong 7 yellow jerseys

Lance Armstrong basks in the glow of his yellow jerseys after being banned from competition cycling for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for blood doping.

There’s more to the humble cycling jersey than making you look the part. In the Tour de France, for example, specific colours of cycling jerseys are awarded to top performers, including the yellow jersey or ‘maillot jeune’ which is presented to the leading rider at each stage. The jersey also provides the sponsor with an opportunity to slip in some sweet marketing, such as on this little number belonging to the Swiss team:

tyler hamilton phonak hearing systems jersey

Pro cyclist Tyler Hamilton, also banned for blood doping

Anyway, we all know what they look like – but what does a cycling jersey do? We’ve put together a handy guide to show you it’s not all about spandex and Phonak.

what does a cycling jersey do

You don’t have to own a cycling jersey to go cycling, but once you’ve tried one out you realise just how comfortable and functional they are, and your old Metallica t-shirt will no longer do the trick. Also, they let you cultivate some excellent tan lines, like Co-op member Stuart:


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