2nd October 2018

Why We Went With Whyte Women’s Bikes

Whyte women's bikes | ladies bike


Having already come clean on why we love Whyte bikes in general – see our blog – it seems fitting that we should pay tribute to Whyte women’s bikes too.


Women's Whyte Bikes | Ladies Whyte Bike

The Whyte Difference: Part 1

Whyte women’s bikes, much like the men’s bike range, take a unique approach to bike design, whichever style of bicycle they make.

Whyte Strawberry Hill 2019 Women’s Classic Hybrid Bike [no longer available]

whyte strawberry hill | womens bike | womens hybrid bikes | womens mountain bikes

For instance, the Whyte Strawberry Hill – their only traditional ladies bike – stands out as one of the best-executed examples of a modern, lightweight bike with classic looks.

Whyte ‘All Terrain’ Bikes

Then there are the Whyte ‘All Terrain’ Bikes such as the Caledonian and the Ridgeway:

Whyte Ridgeway 2019 Women’s Hybrid Bike – £599

Whyte Women's Ridgeway 2020 | womens bike | womens hybrid bikes | womens mountain bikesThe Whyte Ridgeway is a great all-purpose bike for commuting or pleasure and ideal if you cycle on both roads and trails.

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Whyte Caledonian 2019 Women’s Hybrid Bike – £850

Whyte Caledonian 2019 | womens bike | womens hybrid bikes | womens mountain bikesPerfect for commuting, fitness and light off road cycling.

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Great all-rounders, Whyte ‘All Terrrain’ Bikes are equally fit for the tarmac and unpaved towpaths.

The Whyte difference is that instead of a traditional open frame or a modern women’s-specific diamond frame, Whyte have opted for a partially dropped top tube. This way you get a stiffer, more efficient and hence easier-to-ride bike than one with a ‘ladies’ step-through frame. Plus, unlike many ladies’ frames there’s enough room to fit a bottle and cage. Simultaneously, the Ridgeway has more step-over clearance than any diamond-framed women’s bike.


Compact Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Whether it’s a Whyte mountain bike like the 806, or a flatbar road bike like the Carnaby or a drop bar road bike like the Devon, Whyte don’t even refer to these models as ‘women’s bikes’. They call them ‘Compact’.

Whyte 806 Compact 2019 Mountain Bike – £999

Whyte 806 Compact 2020 Trail Hardtail Mountain Bike | Women's Bikes | Women's Mountain Bike

“Whyte’s 806 is a compact bike for a compact rider looking for a serious machine! The 806 not only has all the benefits of the 800 series frame geometry but also comes equipped with a 1×10 Shimano drivetrain and tubeless ready wheels – that makes this compact bike excellent value for money and a big performer!” – Isaac from our Canonmills, Edinburgh shop.

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Whyte Devon Compact 2020 Road Bike – £999

Whyte Devon Compact 2020 Road Bike | Women's Bike | Ladies Bike Whyte Caledonian 2019 | womens hybrid bikes | womens mountain bikes

“The Whyte Devon is an EBC favourite and hugely popular with our female customers. This ladies specific gravel/adventure bike excels over all terrain – on the road, on cobbles, or on unpaved bike paths. The Devon is designed to provide a comfortable and stable riding position and is equipped with top class components such as reliable Shimano gearing and hydro-mechanical disc brakes to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your cycle.” – Isaac from our Canonmills, Edinburgh shop.

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Whyte Carnaby Compact 2020 Hybrid Bike – £599

Whyte Carnaby Compact 2020 Hybrid Bike | Women's Bike | Ladies Bike | Women's Hybrid BikeBuy now >

Take the Whyte Carnaby. This is a fast flatbar road bike with a spec that’s the equal of the men’s Whyte Whitechapel but with a more compact geometry. The top tube is shorter for an easier reach to the bars, and lower to maximize stepover clearance. This compact geometry offers a better fit for the majority of women.

Whyte use the word ‘majority’ to emphasise the fact that the Carnaby’s frame geometry is especially fitting for a woman with proportionally longer legs and a shorter torso than the average man.

Now here’s the rub. If you’re a woman who doesn’t comply to this archetype and you have a long back, Whyte suggest you’ll probably be more comfortable on the non-compact Whitechapel.

Equally true, a shorter guy will often get on better with the shorter-reach Carnaby.

This switchability of bikes between genders (not to mention their good taste) influenced Whyte to finish their compact bikes in ‘adult’ colours, rather than style them (like too many women’s bikes) as though they were designed for little girls.


The Whyte Difference 2

Two other features make us especially comfortable recommending Whyte women’s bikes: their obsession with frame geometry and their UK-proof design.


When someone rides a Whyte, the most frequent comment is that the bike feels really ‘planted’, as in stable and confidence building, yet also fast and quick steering when required. Creating this alchemy is down to geometry.

‘When we talk about a bicycle’s geometry, we’re talking about the angles and measurements that determine where the rider is positioned between the wheels, and how the bike connects with the ground. More than the components or the frame material, a bike’s geometry defines the way it rides. It’s the key factor that sets Whyte apart from the competition.’Whyte Bikes

UK-Proof Design AKA British Bikes for British Conditions

Every Whyte road bike (flat bar or drop bar) and all-terrain bike will take mudguards, so you needn’t arrive at your destination smattered with road splash.

Even their least expensive mountain bike, the Whyte 604 Compact comes with all-weather hydraulic disc brakes, as does every Whyte Carnaby-style flat bar road bike and every all-terrain bike from the Ridgeway up. Why?

  • Because hydraulic disc brakes work best in all conditions.
  • Who doesn’t want brakes that are virtually maintenance free (bar the odd change of pads) between annual services?

Whyte 604 Compact 2019 Mountain Bike – £599

Whyte 604 Compact 2020 Hardtail Mountain Bike | Womens Bike | Women's Mountain BikeBuy now >

Best In Its Class

We have become used to seeing Whyte bikes being hailed as the best in their class over the past five years. For example, the Whyte 905 was given the top rating by MBR.

And when it comes to electric bikes, the same exceptional standards are the same. Taking full advantage of the most-evolved power assistance technology (STEPS -Shimano Total Electric Power System) the Coniston will have you riding uphill at 24 Km/h with minimal effort. Imagine that!

Whyte Coniston Women’s Electric Bike – £2,150

Whyte Coniston 2020 Women's Electric Bike | Women's Bike One of our best sellers… and with good reason! It’s comfortable (super smooth Shimano STEPS E500 power assist) and reliable. It looks (but rides much easier) than an “acoustic” Whyte bike and is popular with younger and older riders.

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