27th January 2016

Why we’re in love with Whyte mountain bikes



More than any other bicycle company, Whyte have carved a niche for designing bikes made to cope with British riding conditions. That’s significant when you consider the majority of bicycles are designed in places such as California, Taiwan and Italy – i.e. warm, dry climes where mud clearance is rarely an issue. You can learn more about Whyte here.


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7 comments on “Why we’re in love with Whyte mountain bikes

  1. Niko on

    Not riding one yet but waiting to get my hands on G-160 which I’ll be receiving soon. I was impressed by the looks/geometry; it stood out positively from the crowd of shorter carbon enduro bikes.

  2. Ian C Stewart on

    Hi there I bought a 2017 Whyte T130RS and I need to know what type of bottom bracket tool I need. Can you help?

  3. David McDade on

    I have a 2017 G160s and the left chainstay has 2 worn bearings, are these covered under Whytes guarantee as I’m not the original owner but the bike has done very little.


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