27th January 2016

What’s So Good About Whyte Mountain Bikes?



More than any other bicycle company, Whyte have carved a niche for designing bikes made to cope with British riding conditions. That’s significant when you consider the majority of bicycles are designed in places such as California, Taiwan and Italy – i.e. warm, dry climes where mud clearance is rarely an issue. You can learn more about Whyte here.


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11 reasons to love Whyte’s UK-Proof Design Features

  1. Maximising the space between the tyres and frame tubes keep the wheels turning in muddy conditions that might stall a bike with less generous clearance.
  2. All cables are enclosed with full outer casing to resist corrosion.
  3. If cables are internally routed, frame hole grommets keep the rain out where the cable enters and exits the frame.
  4. The slot at the top of the seat tube is forward facing to keep out the crud that’s inevitably sprayed up from the rear wheel.
  5. Whyte promise lifetime guaranteed pivot bearings on every full suspension Whyte MTB – we don’t know any other company who offers this warranty.
  6. Crud Catcher down-tube bosses let you bolt a mountain bike mudguard to the underside of the frame’s down tube and get rid of the guard’s original rubber band fittings.
  7. Getta Grip seat clamp (on every Whyte hardtail): Ergonomically designed for ease of use, even with cold hands, this QR seatclamp can be operated on the fly so you can drop the saddle without stopping. With practise, Getta Grip offers close-to dropper-seat action without the expense. (For the uninitiated, a dropper seatpost lets you raise and lower the saddle using a handlebar control, so you can adjust the seat to the optimal height on both the uphill and downhill.)
  8. If the bike has a dropper seatpost (most Whyte MTBs from £1,699), it will have an Intergrip integrated seat clamp, which combines a rubber o-ring seal for the top of the frame seat tube and a rubber collar round the post to keep out the rain.
  9. Threaded bottom brackets – Whyte have resisted the trend towards press fit because they found conventional threaded BB to be more reliable and will be easier for most home mechanics to service in years to come.
  10. A unique sense of style – whether they opt for a bold magenta finish or something more subdued, Whyte bikes exude style.
  11. Consistency – to Whyte’s credit, the blog we published in 2012 celebrating their UK-proof credentials remains valid today.
Whyte 905 Mountain Bike 2019

Whyte 905 Mountain Bike 2019

Whyte Progressive Geometry

Progressive frame geometry is a winning formula, and Whyte have been fine-tuning over the past 15 years to cope with the technical, challenging terrain that typifies mountain biking in Britain.

MBR (Mountain Bike Rider magazine) was so impressed with the Whyte 901, they hailed it as ‘the most evolved hardtail money can buy’. What’s more, they came to the startling conclusion that the only way Whyte’s rivals could begin to match the ride quality of this bike would be to copy its progressive geometry:

“The geometry of the G-160 Whyte is amazing; on this model they’ve lengthened the top tube of the bike so they could shorten the stem, which creates really responsive handling. Climbing on the G-160 is really easy, and as you can imagine it’s amazing on the descents.” – Jamie, Bruntsfield Co-op Member

‘If there are any bike manufacturers reading this test who want to know how to make the humble hardtail better, Whyte has already done the hard yards, so just copy.’  See full 10/10 review.

A Whyte mountain bike’s relaxed head tube angle (65.0-68.5 degrees) makes the bike noticeably more stable, especially when combined with a long front centre, which positions the front wheel further forward, so you’re far less likely to be bundled over the bars on steep downhills.

Whyte progressive geometry is a formula that inspires confidence whether you’re a mountain bike beginner or an expert class rider looking to perform to the absolute limits of your ability.

Whyte Custom Gauge 

Uniquely for a company whose bicycles start at a modest £499, every Whyte aluminium frame is built with custom drawn tubing. Specifying the bike’s tube-set by frame size helps ensure every Whyte frame is amongst the lightest at its price point.

Chainstay Disc Brake Mounts

Moving the brake mounts to the chainstays enables Whyte to spec more compliant thinner-wall seatstays for rider comfort. Making the mounts oversized helps prevent ‘brake flutter’, commonly experienced when the disc brake caliper is bolted to a less robust mount.

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If you ride a Whyte bike, what are your impressions of it? It would be great to hear from you below.