10th March 2020

We are now a certified Shimano Service Centre

Shimano mechanic with bike

Bruntsfield store become authorised Shimano Service Centre.

We’ve always been proud of our mechanics. We know they do an excellent job (read the reviews here), but now, our Bruntsfield store is now an authorised Shimano Service Centre. So, what does this mean?

Whether you use your bike for sports, commuting or recreation, a reliable bike service is key in ensuring that you continue to enjoy your bike. Regular bike service by professionals increases the longevity of your bike as well as your riding pleasure. It also helps prevent unexpected, avoidable service costs.

Why choose a Shimano Service Centre?

At a SSC, you get excellent bike care from the people who know your bike best. You never have to worry about quality, reliability or safety. We do everythihg we can to make it as easy as possible for you to take good care of your bike. As us anything. We are always happy to help and offer advice. We demonstrate our expertise in what we do for you – every time.

1. We deliver excellent bike care.

2. All mechanical checks and repairs are carried out by Shimano trained and certified staff.

3. We use Shimano Original parts.

4. We apply the latest Shimano technology.

‘Qualifying bike retailers that meet SSC standards can join the network to provide bike-lovers with the best bike care. In addition to benefitting from workshop improvement services and technology training opportunities, mechanics will be certified and have access to the latest Shimano technology.’

Servicing – To book call: 0345 257 0808

All our stores are set up to service your bike professionally. We are experts in e-bike repairs. A full price list can be found on our servicing page here.

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