20th June 2016

Waterproof bicycle bags for all 4 seasons


Writing this three days before the summer solstice, I look out the window. It’s raining hard.

Hey ho. At least I know my bags are as 100% waterproof as Gore-tex, so I’m confident the stuff I’ll be carrying in my panniers will be totally dry when I get home this evening.

Britain’s biggest waterproof bicycle bags boutique

We have a strong hunch that the Bike Co-op offers the widest range of 100% waterproof bicycle bags you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

Offering the means to keep your sandwiches, change of clothing and laptop bone-dry is the least we can do, given we see ourselves as a socially responsible company committed to looking after the real needs of cyclists. After all, we are based in Scotland. Plus we have shops in Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds – cities where summer rain doesn’t come as a shock.

Our waterproof bag range includes rarities, such as the especially cycling-smart Oxford Rucsacs (from £39.99), which are as reflective as they are waterproof.

Oxford Aqua 12 Backpack £39.99

oxford aqua 12 waterproof cycling rucsac

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If you would rather your bike took the load rather than your back, our own Revolution Adventure Welded bags are our all-time best selling rear panniers.


Ortlieb Classic Back Roller Panniers £108 per pair


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For carrying an iPad and sundry office essentials, consider this stylish new version of the Commuter Bag (£121.50) featuring the latest #3 version of Ortlieb’s legendary QL (Quick Lock) rack fittings.

Ortlieb Commuter Bag QL 3.1 £121.50

Ortlieb Commuter Bag

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Only just-arrived, Orlieb’s new Seat Pack (£110) heralds in, perhaps, the ultimate bikepacking range.

Ortlieb Bikepacking Seat Pack £110

Ortlieb Bikepacking Seat Pack

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Browse our unique range of around 25 guaranteed-waterproof bicycle bags

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